Module 2

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Module 2 - An Introduction to Microbes

Are microbes our friend or foe? One of the greatest gifts GNM offers is the discussion concerning micro-organisms. This single segment swiftly dispels old fables and anxieties about germs and spreading disease. The learner gains immediate insight with a deep dive explanation of the Fourth Biological Law, including the mechanism behind all microbial “infections”. Lastly, this serves as a sensible resource concerning the following subject matter:

  • – The “tuberculosis epidemic”
  • – TB mycobacteria, old and new bacteria
    – The myth around how viruses are detected
    – The immune system and how it reacts within the Second Biological Law


Module 2 - Common Ailments

The relief GNM provides for epidemic and pandemic anxieties free the learner from antiquated theories of past centuries and current misinformation. Could the belief behind vaccinations be a hoax? One of the fastest ways to apply the findings taught in the session entitled “An Introduction to Microbes” is in the cases of the common cold and flu, and sinus conditions. Deepen your understanding and debunk old thinking by reviewing these 3 sessions where additional examples with such topics as the bird and swine flu, nosebleeds, HIV/AIDS and HPV are laid out in an easy to grasp format.

– The common cold and flu
– Sinus conditions
– The bird and swine flu
– Vaccinations


Module 2 - The Liver, Hepatitis and How Remedies Work

Every curious GNM explorer revels in the awareness of how remedies really work! Have you ever wondered why the same treatment is successful for one person and fails for someone else? During this 2 session deep dive, an in depth discussion supplies the learner with solid precision of what remedies to consider and when to take them. Additionally, a comprehensive look at the cause of liver disease exposes ingenious ways this remarkable organ is designed to empower our health so we thrive, rather than just survive.

– An in depth look at the cause of liver disease
– How remedies really work


Module 2 - The Urinary Tract

This session offers revealing keys to those who thirst for more! GNM explanations assist the learner to understand water/fluidity conflicts while developing their working knowledge about the importance and impact of the Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome. Uncover the truth behind high blood pressure and see why bladder infections, incontinence and bed wetting can be easy to overcome.

– The Kidney Collecting Tubules Syndrome
– Water/ fluidity conflicts
– High blood pressure
– Kidney cancer
– Bladder infections
– Incontinence and bed wetting