The Crocus

My story of the crocus

It was in early 2002 when Dr. Hamer told me about his dream of a field of crocus’ which to him symbolized that the New Medicine as it was still called then, would be accepted in North America and abroad.
That year, I gave a seminar in Ottawa to a group of very enthusiastic students and recounted Dr. Hamer’s dream. One student even said, “If I ever teach or practice the New Medicine I will put a picture of a crocus on my business card”.
At that moment I realized that I already had a picture of a crocus on my business card which I personally designed for our practice in 1981, the year Dr. Hamer discovered the New Medicine.

The crocus became the logo for our business the year we officially started our practice and it wasn’t until more than 20 years later that I realized why I had chosen it.
I then understood that it was my destiny to have knowledge of this extraordinary system. Sadly, until it will be officially accepted by conventional medicine, only a privileged few will be able to benefit from the German New Medicine and people will needlessly die on a daily basis from cancer because they do not know about or understand the first biological law, the “Iron Rule of Cancer”, the cornerstone of this ground breaking research.

A word from the founder of this website

Thank you for your interest in the GNM.
In 1992, I had my first exposure to the “New Medicine” as it was called when it was first discovered more than 30 years ago. I was absolutely shocked by this radical discovery. It was a life altering moment for me.
At that time, I had 14 years of practical experience in natural medicine, primarily in herbal therapeutics and could not believe that this system had not become a mainstream way of healing. No one had heard of Dr. Hamer and his New Medicine in Canada unless they were able to speak German.

I was so intrigued by this New Medicine that I had to know everything about this earth shattering discovery. I searched everywhere for books that he had written about his research and I finally found two German publications, “The Legacy of the “New Medicine”, and “Cancer, Disease of the Soul” written by Dr. Hamer, through a private publisher in Germany.
Thankfully, my first language is German and I was able to read and eventually translate this work for use in our practice.

Biological principles

The more I read, understood and used his Biological Principles in our practice, the more convinced I was that Dr. Hamer was absolutely correct in his findings.
In 1994, I was contacted by an acquaintance of a Belgian physician who studied under Dr. Hamer. He had heard from someone in Canada that I was spreading the word about the NM. He also spoke English so I invited him to give the first New Medicine seminar in the English speaking world here in Toronto where my husband and I had our practice. I became his protege until he introduced me to Dr. Hamer in 1998, and from that time on, Dr. Hamer became my teacher of the New Medicine.

Dr. Hamer had just moved to Spain because it was dangerous for him to remain in Germany however he was still free to travel to other countries so he asked if I would be able to organize a seminar for him in Toronto. Naturally I was honoured and in March of 1999, Dr. Hamer came to Canada to teach the one and only New Medicine seminar he ever gave in the English speaking world.

There was no looking back for me now. I had to know absolutely everything there was to know about this life changing work. I was a firsthand witness to a great discovery, a discovery that stands medicine on its head, a discovery that changes everything we ever thought we knew about medicine and how the disease process works. I also knew Dr. Hamer personally now, and had firsthand information from the discoverer himself. I became a member of a privileged few that had access to his knowledge and his methodology. I became a first generation New Medicine practitioner.

CT Analysis

In 2002, quite by accident while doing a search on the internet, I found a website that claimed to offer diploma courses on the New Medicine. However there was no mention of Dr. Hamer and as far as I knew, there was no official school teaching the New Medicine. This person was also claiming to teach people how to read CTs of the brain according to Dr. Hamer’s discovery. It takes years to perfect CT analysis skills, even so a experienced therapist has reservations in regard to teaching this aspect of the GNM.

Immediately, I contacted Dr. Hamer and needless to say he was absolutely shocked at this person’s audacity to offer a diploma course. After an investigation it came to light that this person had no practical experience and had very limited exposure to the New Medicine, and no training whatsoever with Dr. Hamer.

An imposter

The impostor had been exposed and Dr. Hamer made it publically known that this pretender had no credentials to offer a diploma course in the New Medicine. However one year later this opportunist surfaced under the name of “Meta-medicine”, still offering courses and workshops through the internet without giving Dr. Hamer any credit whatsoever for this ground breaking discovery, not to mention his own lack of qualifications. He literally regurgitated what he had available through Dr. Hamer’s publications.

As a result of this infringement, and on my suggestion, Dr. Hamer proceeded to copyright the name “New Medicine” but it was impossible to do so. Instead he was only able to copyright the name with an added prefix of “Germanic” and it became the German/ Germanic New Medicine from that time on in honour of his homeland from where he had been living in exile.

Ilsedora Laker