Open Letter to Ewa Leimer

February 4th, 2023

Dear Readers;

Once again I have come under attack and this time I am compelled to write an open letter to the person who is responsible.

It is obvious to me that in having started the “GNM – Germanische Heilkunde Institute for Education and Research”, and by setting the standard of education in the English speaking world, I have posed a massive threat to everyone in the GNM community be it those that claim to teach it or call themselves consultants or practitioners, these people feel it is necessary to take me out of the equation. It is after all much easier than making the effort as I did to make sure that all the information that is taught is 100% from Dr. Hamer and updated.

The problem is that these attacks are from the inside of the community, not from any external entity. If this is allowed to continue, then the “powers that be” that want to see Dr. Hamer’s work destroyed will have their wish. Helmut Pilhar was also a victim of the members of this community and died of a massive heart infarct from the stress and pressure that was imposed on him. These attacks must stop. It goes against everything that Dr. Hamer wanted for his legacy.

January 31st, 2023.

To Ewa Leimer,

Your recent post “Therapist of the Germanische – dangerous deception” was just sent to me by someone who was concerned that you were in fact referring to me. Others over the course of the last few weeks have also mentioned that you have made derogatory remarks about “someone in Canada who doesn’t know what they are doing”.

First, we do not know each other other than having met for 5 minutes at Dr. Hamer’s first birthday celebration at his grave site in 2018, so how can you possibly know what I am doing or how I run my practice or how I teach?

Second you don’t know anything of my working relationship with Dr. Hamer.

Third you do not know what I teach or how I teach it and since when are YOU the authority?

I do have some suggestions for you and they are;

1. Before you make allegations about my teaching, please do your research and make sure they are correct.

2. Before you label me as a “Therapist of the Germanische” and say that this is a “dangerous deception” I suggest that you try to find anywhere on the internet where I qualify myself as such or that I say I had “official training” from Dr. Hamer which would imply that there ever was official training. Obviously someone has fed you that information.

It is clear to me that you have a personal agenda, and from the sound of your attack, this is not about preserving Dr. Hamer’s work, it is about your own lack of success and experience in teaching it. Your reference to having a degree in pedagogy speaks volumes about your insecurity around teaching this subject.

Before you make noise about my skills or lack thereof, there are things you should know that can be verified by Bona whom I got to know after Friedericke and Dr. Hamer parted. So in fact I knew Dr. Hamer before Bona knew him. You and I have never met so I know little about you with the exception that you feel an attack against me is somehow justified.

My working relationship with Geerd began in early 1999 when he came to Canada. I was introduced to Geerd by his then protege, Dr. Robert Guinee who had already been collaborating with Dr. Hamer since the late 1980’s. Dr. Guinee was my first teacher of the “New Medicine” and under his wing I already understood the foundations of the New Medicine 5 years before I met Dr. Hamer.

I hosted the event for Geerd and interpreted for him after his other interpreter Harald Baumann had to return to Switzerland. Subsequently I took some patients to Spain where I spent 10 days observing how Dr. Hamer worked with the patients that I brought to meet him. I continue to work in the same way that he demonstrated at those meetings.

As I proved myself to him he asked me to oversee the project of translating his thesis “Habilitations Verfahren updated to 1994” and the two volumes “Vermaechtnis Einer Neuen Medizin”. The English translation is impeccable, unlike any other translations that I have seen since then. In 2001, Dr. Hamer asked me to create the first English website which he personally paid for.

Since that time, I worked with all patients according to the 5 biological laws and learned from each person that I worked with.

From the beginning, because Dr. Guinee had already introduced me to the art of evaluating a CT, I would send Geerd the CTs from my patients, which I personally analyzed prior to sending them to him along with my report on what I saw. He only made the odd correction here and there and if there was something that I missed he would draw my attention to it.

My working relationship with Dr. Hamer took place between 2000 and early 2017 when he had the stroke that led to his passing. Bona will confirm that other than the time he was in prison, I had regular discussions about my patients with Dr. Hamer which also involved CTs.

Since I also work with all kinds of patients I have made many observations which I discussed with Dr. Hamer. He respected this BECAUSE I worked with patients and was not just regurgitating the 5 biological laws like others that pretend to have “trained” with him, like Caroline Markolin for example who only took 2 weeks of seminar with him and then plagiarized a great deal of his work and altered it. Perhaps you should be attacking her and not me?

In 2010 after 14 years of teaching, I created my online courses because traveling all over North America was too time consuming. Prior to doing so, I sent Geerd all the course material to review which he approved. He had a PDF of everything that I taught. I also sent him two DVDs of presentations about “Common Ailments” and the “Introduction to the German New Medicine” as it was called then, which he highly commended me on.

As a matter of fact Geerd accepted royalties from both my online courses AND the DVDs. Do you think that he would accept royalties for anything that represented the GNM that was substandard or inaccurate? I think not. Bona will confirm this.
Each year that I taught my courses, they were updated as Geerd made amendments and new discoveries.

My private discussions with him were integral to my understanding how to use these biological principles in practice.
It was in 2012, that I began to give workshops for my students that were interested in learning how to apply the GNM in practice, primarily for themselves because they felt unequipped to use it with patients. No theory was taught in its application. The student was the patient and I helped them to understand how to use the GNM the way Geerd taught me how to use it.

You see Ewa, the biggest problem the GNM world has today is that no one knows how to use it or how to apply it correctly according to the standard that Dr. Hamer set. This of course includes you and to discourage it defeats its entire purpose. I can guarantee you that 99% of anyone that knows something about the GNM does not have a clue how to use it or how to heal using it.

It’s all well and good to say “you’re in a healing phase, relax, ride out your symptoms” but this is why many people have died and then their family blames the “Germanische” because they were told or taught to “do nothing” by these so called teachers and practitioners of the GNM. Geerd knew this very well.

He always respected my observations perhaps because I also worked with patients.

Something else that you cannot possibly know is that in 2002, I entered into discussions with Geerd regarding a programming conflict preceding an actual physical response which both he and I could clearly see on a CT scan of the brain.

For example we both identified active phases in brain relays that should present cell augmentation and yet there was no cell augmentation or we could see an active phase of a functional disturbance and yet there was no functional disturbance. There were obvious signs of a constellation yet no sign of psychoses. When I asked him how that could be, he didn’t have an answer, but I can guarantee that he had made the observation that this phenomenon exists.

This is not to say the premise of the DHS is incorrect, but rather that we are already set up for a physical response or a response that leads us into a psychoses by a DHS prior to the actual physical or mental manifestation.

Since that time I always address a preceding DHS with the patient and each time we found it. I reported these findings to Geerd and he never once corrected me or disagreed.

Then in 2010 he verified in his book on Breast Cancer on page 205 that it was “not the first time that a patient went into a “territorial constellation” that they actually displayed the symptoms of psychosis, but in fact it was the second time” on the reawakening through a similar situation or a track.

Perhaps you missed that? I suggest that you look it up. It might help you to see things a little differently.

Then of course there are contradictions in his publications where in one chapter he cites his latest findings, amends what he originally believed, and then in another chapter of the same book, the old information is cited likely by the individual who was helping to put the book together without this being known to Geerd.

I am currently making note of all of these inconsistencies and will present them to Bona so that the mistakes are not constantly repeated. It is integral to Geerd’s work that the individual responsible for compiling his work also understands it to such an extent that they will “catch” the mistakes. This is after all the legacy that Dr. Hamer left us and it must be accurate. Don’t you agree?

If you have not seen this yourself and don’t pay attention to these details, you can be teaching incorrectly, and yet you have the gall to accuse me of it without EVER having taken any of my courses!

Ewa, it clear to me that you owe me an apology and you also owe an apology to your students and readers, some of which also know me. Since you have put your opinion of me on public display, I expect you to also publicly apologize.
The GNM world is still quite young, and you are not Dr. Hamer, nor do you know me or of my working relationship with him. How I work or what I teach which is 100% Germanische according to what Dr. Hamer taught me. To attack me is self serving and irresponsible.

All the degrees in pedagogy are worthless if your understanding of the subject is flawed.

That said, I have not seen everything that you teach but I have had some of our mutual students comment on what you have said on various topics. There is one big mistake that you are making and that is that you are missing the “human factor” especially where constellations are concerned. We are after all talking about human responses, we are not machines and to teach the Germanische in a very literal way is dangerous.

A couple of years prior to Geerd’s passing before we got into our phone conversation he said to me “Ilsedora, I’ve never told you this but it is time that I did, “Niemand versteht die Germanische besser als du” (translation: “no one understands the Germanische better than you”). He went on for a few minutes about why he had formed this opinion about me. I was literally rendered speechless because he rarely complimented or validated anyone.

What he said to me on that day has become a driving force in my endeavors to continue to forge ahead to teach his findings to the very best of my abilities and to make sure it is correct and understood within the proper context. Since Geerd passed, there is a “free for all” in the GNM world where anyone that took an hour’s lecture in the GNM has the permission to call themselves a “practitioner” by the lecturer and then begins to instruct others.

It is necessary to set a standard where the general public knows that the information they are getting is correct and within the proper context. This is the purpose of establishing the GNM – Germanische Heilkunde Institute for Education and Research to set a standard people can trust in the English speaking world.

I will cite something very simple so that you can understand where I’m coming from. You say in a female “sexual” conflict that this is a “sexual frustration” without considering the human female response in various situations that she can experience in the sexual realm. Granted, this is a term Geerd used in the beginning and unfortunately no one had the foresight to amend it as he gained more experience with women. Only someone like me with clinical experience can see that.
For example, a female that is molested at an early age does not experience it as a “frustration”. A female that is raped experiences it as a sexual aggression she does not experience it as a frustration. A female who is rejected by a lover experiences it as a sexual rejection, not a frustration. We can see in a CT how these things are experienced and what other tracks are laid at that moment.

Furthermore I can see by the language that you use in the female sexual conflict that what you are referring as a sexual frustration conflict is from a version of the German Scientific Chart that had not changed since the early 90’s. I sincerely hope that the new edition has made that amendment.

Might I suggest that you go beyond the limitations of what was written decades ago and try to understand how a prepubescent female child, or a woman in child bearing years experiences molestation or a rape.  It is never a frustration. It is always associated with a fear, disgust or anger, then of course there are the added elements of separation, self devaluation, revulsion and motor conflicts which will be evident in a CT.

Geerd’s work evolved constantly as he understood things more deeply, but it seems that you haven’t noticed the finer nuances that Geerd wrote about in subsequent publications outlining the kinds of sexual conflicts a female can experience from childhood through adulthood. For example in his booklet on Aids from 2010, he simply calls it a “sexual” conflict.

Pilhar wanted to teach the general public the biological principles, to remove the fear from serious health conditions. Of course he left the clinical side to Dr. Hamer. This is where you and the rest of the GNM community have your weakness. You have zero experience with patients, likely no understanding of anatomy and physiology and yet you expect people to understand how the Germanische relates to them and their health conditions. This approach was fine while we still had Geerd, but now that he is no longer with us, that very important aspect of his work is being ignored in the GNM community.

I also know that you forbid anyone to use the Germanische during the time that they study with you. I suspect that is to prevent your students from asking any questions that you do not know the answer to. This is also exactly what Markolin does.
Then there is the aspect of the CT reading course you offer. What is the purpose of that unless it is simply a curiosity?

You forbid its application and are not teaching anyone to be a clinician. Is there a point to all of this?

Do you in fact know how to go about a session with a patient? Do you have any clinical experience whatsoever? Do you understand the negative repercussions of various health conditions if there is no intervention in an emergency situation? Or do you suggest to “do nothing” and leave the patient to his imagination and “what if’?

This is where I have seen the most damage done in the GNM community and they are all saying the same thing. “Knowing the GNM will cure you. Just look at the chart, you are in a healing phase.” This is more dangerous than you can imagine, and this is where the biggest problem lies. With your approach you are perpetuating it.

If you are NOT someone with direct experience with patients using Dr. Hamer’s methodology and understand what goes on in the mind of a seriously ill patient, you will never teach it the way it was meant to be taught, it doesn’t matter if you have a degree in pedagogy or not.

I’m sure that you have read my blogs on other members of the the GNM community. They are the charlatans. Andi Locke Mears is for example doing the same thing you are doing by suggesting to students that if they watch the videos from Pilhar they can practice the GNM under the name of an “Educational Consultant” who teaches but doesn’t advise or help the patient to find the conflict. That’s what I call sheer nonsense and I’m sure Geerd would agree.
I can tell you right now this way of promoting the Germanische is a greater threat to its survival than traditional medicine ever was. Geerd was the finest clinician that ever lived. Without that aspect included in what is taught, his work will be forgotten within the next generation.

…and you still owe me a public apology. However if you do not apologize for what you posted within the next 24 hours, and inform your readers that you made an error in judgement and were misinformed, I will post this letter publicly both on my blog page and on social media. I have given you the opportunity to save yourself embarrassment of seeing this letter in the public domain.

Ilsedora Laker

Update: This letter was sent Ewa, via her associate. Bona Hamer was copied. I have not received a response or an apology.