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Thank you for your interest in GNM Education.

To begin your journey into this amazing discovery we would like to guide you through how to use this website effectively.

We recommend that all newcomers to GNM start with the free Introduction to GNM video.

Stage 1

When you are ready to progress you must start by purchasing the Foundations to GNM video. During checkout you will create an account and will be issued with a log in username and password. You will then have lifetime access to the Foundations to GNM video until you close your account.  Once you are logged into the site you will be presented with additional menu options where you can access your videos.

Stage 2

Once you purchase the Foundations video you will be able to select any of the videos listed in Module I for the nominal fee listed next to the product.  You will also be able to purchase the prerequisite videos for Module 2 and Module 3.
If you wish to mainly access Module 2 or Module 3 topics, you still need to purchase the “Foundations of the GNM” video which comes with lifetime access. Additionally to unlock access to the module videos you must first have access to the “Introduction to Microbes” for module 2 and the “Cerebral Cortex” for module 3.
Module 2 at $75 Canadian begins with the introduction to Microbes, this video is the prerequsite before the remaining topic videos of Module 2 become available for purchase.

Module 3 also at $75 Canadian begins with the Cerebral Cortex introduction, once you have purchased this video all further Module 3 videos will be available for purchase.

Please note:

The following GNM education videos once purchased will remain viewable for the duration of your GNM Online Seminars account;
– The Foundations of the GNM
– Introduction to microbes
– The Cerebral Cortex

All other videos are only available for purchase for 31 days access at a time.