Ilsedora Laker and Dr. Hamer

Capitalizing on a Tragedy

October 26th 2022

It came to my attention this morning that I have come under attack from someone who started a “spinoff group” from the original Germanic New Medicine, the name which Dr. Hamer copyrighted to represent his work in English.

In the words of Andi Locke Mears I am guilty of “blending modalities” with the Germanic New Medicine”… whatever that means. I have never spoken to the woman nor has she ever taken any of my courses. So I have to wonder what that is all about. It’s clearly an attack against my GNM Institute for Education and Research

Why an attack?

This week she launched the Pilhar Academy or what is left of it, after Helmut Pilhar met an untimely death at the age of 57 after massive attacks from his own team of translators who locked him out of his own web site when he wanted to come to a legal agreement with his so called team to translate the videos he put together. For some reason his team thought they had the rights to his videos once they translated them.

The tragedy.

The tragedy in all of this is Helmut’s death. Although we will never know the depths of how the antics and betrayal of those horrible people affected him, but it seems clear to me that he fell victim to it and when he finally stood his ground, he made his videos available to everyone for free so that they could no longer capitalize from his work.

The noisiest perpetrator of this particular GHK group that translated for Helmut Pilhar was John Holledauer, a big mouth with shockingly poor translating abilities publicly attacked me in January of this year because he was Pilhar’s English translator. He literally said in one of his open letters “I’m here now, thank you for paving the way, but you can leave now.” Excuse me? He was forging his own path in the GNM English speaking community. He needed visibility. At that time he supported Melissa Sell who is the least knowledgeable in the GNM.

However in order for him to do that he had to get me out of the picture. Little did he know who he was dealing with and he backed off quickly when he realized he wasn’t dealing with some little fly by nighter like Melissa Sell who by the way he has now teamed up with. That in itself is very strange because she and Andi Locke Mears were a team until Pilhar entered the picture. More on that later.

Unfortunately Helmut’s heart was unable to withstand the healing phase of what he went through and he died of a massive myocardial infarct shortly thereafter. Needless to say prior to that Holledauer viciously went after him on a highly personal level and at a very low point in his attacks said Helmut had a “starvation conflict” because he mismanaged his finances, and that “his daughter was a disappointment” and then attacked his personal family life in an unconscionable way of attempted public humiliation. His public letters demonstrated his total disregard for the principles of the GNM.

My, oh my.

Can I ignore the fact that Mears has modeled the Pilhar Academy after the GNM Institute which was launched officially on May 10th of 2022? She must have been impressed because she even uses the word “practicum” which is part of the Certified Clinician training. I only just coined the phrase and voila, she copied it.

A few years ago I did a test and began to call the GNM practitioner a “GNM Consultant”. I wanted to see how long it would take for the wannabes to use it themselves and I can confirm that in a matter of a couple of weeks they began to use it as their own title.

More recently she has been handing out “practitioner’s diplomas” to anyone that takes a few hours of lecture with her. Some people have made videos on Youtube holding up their diplomas believing that they are now a practitioner of the GHK.

Well I must say that is fine with me because it is not the real GNM. By renaming the GNM to GHK, it distances them from Dr. Hamers work and possible liability even further. But I do wish they would stop referring to his work because it is a well known fact that what is taught is an adulterated version.

As most of you already know a few years prior to his passing Dr. Hamer changed the German name to “Germanische Heilkunde”. When Dr. Hamer and I discussed how to translate it into English, we realized that his new name was not something that can easily be translated to represent the true meaning behind “Heilkunde” the way he meant it to be in the spirit of his work.

Heilkunde directly translated simply means “medicine” so we decided to keep the Germanic New Medicine to represent his work in English. It seemed pointless to change it. However, not long after his passing this group sprang up and decided without addressing this with Dr. Hamer’s widow who was left in charge of his work and never asked her permission to change the name to “Germanic Healing Knowledge” or GHK. By doing so, they allude to the Germanic people having had this knowledge before Dr. Hamer discovered the “Iron Rule of Cancer” in 1981. Andi Locke Mears is quoted in public videos that “Heilkunde is a strung up word that Dr. Hamer put together”. It’s obvious to me that she doesn’t speak German or had ever tried to translate the word. But then this is the nature of her teaching, she makes things up as she goes along.

She does not have the ability to read German and has to rely on the existing rubbish that is out there in the GNM world to supply her with information.


Of course several of their GHK members infiltrated my private Facebook group, one even tried twice, and began to advertise themselves and what they were doing. At the same time they were gleaning the real and true information from me when I gave answers to some of my 3600 members. Of course when they became unruly they were quickly booted off! One “founding member” of this GHK group posted her video where she talked about respiratory issues and bragged that she had 6000 views and said “even though I made some big mistakes”, which are apparently forgivable as long as she got the attention. Wow.

In 2018 on my return flight from Erlangen where Dr. Hamer’s closest followers were invited to celebrate his birthday at his gravesite by his widow Bona, I wrote a blog called “The Blind Leading the Blind”. In that blog I already mentioned that Dr. Hamer’s work was in danger because all of a sudden “new players” sprang up professing to be experts in the GNM even though they had no training or knew Dr. Hamer personally.

The new player I was referring to then was “Dr.” Melissa Sell a chiropractor who was literally reading off Dr. Hamer’s chart when she made the videos. She’s learned more about marketing herself than she has learned about the GNM, just by creating visibility on Youtube.

More recently both Sell and Mears alluded to having known Dr. Hamer personally. They are both liars!

Eventually the unknowing public believe that these wannabes that lack substance and make stuff up as they go along, are experts without realizing that it’s all marketing. If they were experts, where did they get their GNM education? They never took courses from me, and unfortunately what is in the common domain is not enough to make someone an expert and much of it is absolutely incorrect. These people have also managed to dupe some big names in the alternative field using this approach but offer nothing remotely close to what Dr. Hamer discovered or how to even use his work correctly. If they are so successful how do they have the time to market themselves?

Ah, I just realized they have the time because they don’t spend it on studying the real GNM, but that’s OK they teach it and are now encouraging others to teach it. This is a perfect example of diluting the true GNM and by doing so they all fall right into the hands of Dr. Hamer’s enemies who would like to see his work destroyed.

This brings me to the most outrageous part, the fees an individual has to pay to get a session with them. None charge any less than $200.- USD per hour. What cancer patient can afford that if they are on a disability? That $200.- per session weekly fee may very well be a contributing factor to the “starvation conflict” that gave them a liver cancer. But then that’s not the issue here, the issue is that the general public is being duped into believing that these people can heal them.

As you can imagine, I’m not finished yet. Part II will be published soon.