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The foundation of the GNM video

This is the starting point for anyone interested in exploring GNM and what it has to offer. Successful practice and use of GNM is only achieved through accurate application and understanding of it’s laws and fundamentals. Curious laymen or highly trained practitioners equally benefit in discovering the vital role of GNM’s core rudimentary concepts, driven home by real-life case-studies and hands-on examples, so the learner can begin to see their world through a GNM lens and get basic insights.

The vastness of the GNM is simplified into easy to grasp language and terms covering the following introductory topics:

  • The  Five Biological Laws
  • Brain tumors
  • Why catscans of the brain are used in the GNM
  • Laterality
  • Tracks
  • Allergies
  • Complicating factors in a disease process
  • Why kidney conflicts complicate recovery

This one-off fee grants lifetime access to “The Foundations of the German New Medicine” video.

The purchase of the Foundations of the GNM video will then make available for purchase all Module 1 videos and Module 2 ‘Introduction to Microbes‘ and Module 3 ‘The cerebral cortex‘ videos only.


Module 1 - Breast & Ovarian Cancers

The GNM beginner gets an opportunity to examine these diseases with a stimulating perspective. Can additional considerations enrich the current ‘cookie cutter’ approach of our modern day practices? Discover critical details outlined as to the cause of each disease, reduce worry by understanding how and why the disease progresses and get insights as to possible complicating factors.

– Each disease is outlined as to the cause, how and why they progress, as well as possible complicating factors


Module 1 - Skin

This single segment exhibits beautifully GNM thinking in action. The wall of protection we call ‘skin’ keeps the inside in and the outside out. Uncovering the source of pain, itching, flaking, burning, raw and the like have challenged even the most skilled physicians in years gone by. Can there be a unifying factor among common skin conditions? Find out the GNM explanation behind the following complaints in an easy to grasp format.

– Acne
– Eczema/ psoriasis
– Vitiligo
– Skin fungus
– Shingles
– Melanoma
– Measles, mumps and chickenpox
– Leprosy and the beubonic plague


Module 1 - Digestive DBP's

This session exposes every ‘in and out’ of digestive disorders and diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract. Food glorious food! Is there more influencing our digestion than diet and nutrition? Find out in this exceptional session where everything concerning the alimentary canal from minor tummy aches, ordinary heartburn, ulcers and Irritable Bowel Syndrome to serious conditions, such as, Irritable Bowel Disease (e.g. Crohns, Colitis) and cancers are identified and clearly illuminated.

– All digestive disorders from tummy aches to cancers


Module 1 - Male and Female Reproductive SBP's

The differences between male and female biology affect how we manifest various health conditions in response to the unanticipated shocking events that happen in our lives. Is there a place for acknowledging a profound loss in a new and different way? Find out the GNM potent and practical approach to stop frightening concepts from blinding the most obvious understanding of biological programs developed for our highest good, ensuring we thrive and not just endure! This presentation arms the learner with clarity and an in depth look by explaining the following topics:

– Prostate cancers
– Testicular cancers
– Uterine and cervical cancers
– Yeast infections
– Ovarian cancer
– Endometriosis


Module 1 - Diseases of the Eyes, Teeth and Mouth

Our lives revolve around relationships – at work, home and play we see the touch of interactions as they play out throughout our daily lives. Can our relationships affect our eyes, teeth and mouth? Watch these 2 sessions and quickly catch basic GNM essentials to help answer questions about such common subjects as:

– Visual changes
– Floaters
– Retinitis pigmentosa
– Cataracts
– Conjunctivitis
– Conditions of the eye muscle
– Conditions of the eye lens and the cornea
– Glaucoma
– Tooth decay
– Tooth enamel degeneration
– Abscesses and gum disease


Module 1 - The Three Embryonic Germ Layers

Beginners and seasoned Embryology students will find this presentation insightful and significant. Why? The GNM explains human embryologic development flawlessly. Cohesively every organ, tissue and cell of the body are mapped in a logical sequence that even the novice can effortlessly grasp and begin applying this knowledge instantly. This segment discusses how all the tissues of our organs developed and the significance of the 3 embryonic germ layers in the disease process.

– Endoderm
– Ectoderm
– Mesoderm


Module 2 - An Introduction to Microbes

Are microbes our friend or foe? One of the greatest gifts GNM offers is the discussion concerning micro-organisms. This single segment swiftly dispels old fables and anxieties about germs and spreading disease. The learner gains immediate insight with a deep dive explanation of the Fourth Biological Law, including the mechanism behind all microbial “infections”. Lastly, this serves as a sensible resource concerning the following subject matter:

  • – The “tuberculosis epidemic”
  • – TB mycobacteria, old and new bacteria
    – The myth around how viruses are detected
    – The immune system and how it reacts within the Second Biological Law


Module 2 - Common Ailments

The relief GNM provides for epidemic and pandemic anxieties free the learner from antiquated theories of past centuries and current misinformation. Could the belief behind vaccinations be a hoax? One of the fastest ways to apply the findings taught in the session entitled “An Introduction to Microbes” is in the cases of the common cold and flu, and sinus conditions. Deepen your understanding and debunk old thinking by reviewing these 3 sessions where additional examples with such topics as the bird and swine flu, nosebleeds, HIV/AIDS and HPV are laid out in an easy to grasp format.

– The common cold and flu
– Sinus conditions
– The bird and swine flu
– Vaccinations


Module 2 - The Liver, Hepatitis and How Remedies Work

Every curious GNM explorer revels in the awareness of how remedies really work! Have you ever wondered why the same treatment is successful for one person and fails for someone else? During this 2 session deep dive, an in depth discussion supplies the learner with solid precision of what remedies to consider and when to take them. Additionally, a comprehensive look at the cause of liver disease exposes ingenious ways this remarkable organ is designed to empower our health so we thrive, rather than just survive.

– An in depth look at the cause of liver disease
– How remedies really work


Module 2 - The Urinary Tract

This session offers revealing keys to those who thirst for more! GNM explanations assist the learner to understand water/fluidity conflicts while developing their working knowledge about the importance and impact of the Kidney Collecting Tubule Syndrome. Uncover the truth behind high blood pressure and see why bladder infections, incontinence and bed wetting can be easy to overcome.

– The Kidney Collecting Tubules Syndrome
– Water/ fluidity conflicts
– High blood pressure
– Kidney cancer
– Bladder infections
– Incontinence and bed wetting


Module 3 - The Cerebral Cortex

This GNM session deals with a fun and exciting study of how ‘laterality’ (which is much more than just the preference of the hand you dominantly like to use), plays a role in the function of the cerebrum and how hormones influence the brain. Imagine the benefits of decoding precisely why we are either depressed or happy! Is there value in deepening awareness around our natural biological responses when we are part of a group? The full disclosure in this GNM training provides the learner with concrete application skills involving the “Rule of Weight” and the first, second and third conflict. Immediately start unravelling many mysteries by using these simple, fail proof strategies.

– How laterality plays a role in the function of the cerebrum
– How hormones influence the brain
– The first, second and third conflict
– The Rule of Weight
– Why we are either depressed or happy


Module 3 - Hearing Conflicts

This single session establishes the root cause of hearing loss and related conditions. Have you wondered why is it so common for the aging population to have hearing issues? Can tinnitus and vertigo be stopped dead in its tracks? Explore the GNM explanations for these common conditions, as well as, how a hearing “constellation” works, why a person has paranoia and may be hearing voices and the development of Meniere’s disease and what can be done about it.

– Tinnitus
– Hearing loss
– Hearing “constellation”
– Paranoia and hearing voices
– Vertigo and Meniere’s disease