The Foundations of the German New Medicine

This is the starting point for anyone interested in exploring GNM and what it has to offer. Successful practice and use of GNM is only achieved through accurate application and understanding of it’s laws and fundamentals. Curious laymen or highly trained practitioners equally benefit in discovering the vital role of GNM’s core rudimentary concepts, driven home by real-life case-studies and hands-on examples, so the learner can begin to see their world through a GNM lens and get basic insights.

The vastness of the GNM is simplified into easy to grasp language and terms covering the following introductory topics:

  • The  Five Biological Laws
  • Brain tumors
  • Why catscans of the brain are used in the GNM
  • Laterality
  • Tracks
  • Allergies
  • Complicating factors in a disease process
  • Why kidney conflicts complicate recovery

This one-off fee grants lifetime access to “The Foundations of the German New Medicine” video.

The purchase of the Foundations of the GNM video will then make available for purchase all Module 1 videos and Module 2 ‘Introduction to Microbes‘ and Module 3 ‘The cerebral cortex‘ videos only.