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Capitalizing on a Tragedy – Part III

November 3rd 2022

Hello everyone,

Part III of this blog series was written and researched by one of my students who is currently in the “Certified Clinician” program at the institute. My student has done a lot of research on what is out there and what both Andi Locke Mears and Melissa Sell have said on the record. This information is available to the general public.

It demonstrates the difference between someone who through the correct information is able to discern between Dr. Hamer’s real work and the “fluff” for lack of a better word, that they try to pass off as the GNM. I hope you are sitting in a comfortable chair because this is a long one. The evidence speaks for itself and as you can well imagine when you review the information that this is only the tip of the iceberg. There is much more than could have been included in this blog.

After all the evidence was revealed to me I realized that Helmut Pilhar had the wool pulled over his eyes not only by his own translating team but also by this GHK group. It is clear to me that because he did not speak English he was easily duped and unable to discern whether the people he was mixed up with were genuine or wanted something from him. In his desperation to redeem himself and start a new life after what happened in Europe, he became the victim of opportunists that wanted a “free ride on his coattails”.

Some that are reading this may not like what I have written, but had Andi Locke Mears not “cast the first stone” none of this would have come to light.

For obvious reasons my student wishes to remain anonymous.

The Evidence

Part I of this blog series was initiated because Andi Locke Mears publicly accused Ilsedora Laker, the leading expert of the Dr. Hamer’s work in the English speaking world of “blending modalities” in her teaching. She has also made several statements that the “GHK – Germanic Healing Knowledge” group and in turn the Pilhar Academy offer unadulterated work of Dr. Hamer and that the public should practice discernment. In her “public statement” it seems to me like she’s promoting the globalization agenda and said that Pilhar Academy is connected to a “global push to standardize the curriculum in many languages”.

One has to wonder what the “real agenda” of the Pilhar Academy is. Especially since English courses for the general public are also available through Dr. Hamer’s publishing house the “Amici Di Dirk” which Helmut Pilhar was no longer a part of at the time of Dr. Hamer’s death. Those courses have never even been mentioned or acknowledged by the GHK group. This screams controlled opposition!

Andi Locke Mears’ lies are a deliberate attempt to destroy Ilsedora’s reputation as well as the “GNM Institute for Education and Research” and therefore the reputation of her students and proteges! That is why I am writing the blog. It affects me as well.
Before you say that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I have completed a number of so called “GNM and GHK” courses, workshops, summits, seminars with “other camps” since I began my journey in the GNM a few years ago in search of information especially on how to use it, but it wasn’t until I completed Ilsedora’s courses that I began to see the difference.

I was able to figure things out finally and had a REAL and SUBSTANTIAL improvement in my health and the health of my family and people in my community.
I mean, I can stop a neck pain in its track but even my 8-year-old cousin can do this now. Andi Locke Mears said publicly that she uses a method called “blocking” which helped her get rid of neck pain in week.

During Ilsedora’s courses, I have successfully and diligently lifted chronic depression, helped my clients, family and friends with monthly menstrual migraines,  and menstrual cramps, to name a few. I was only able to do this after completing Ilsedora’s Intermediate courses the GNM for Health Care Professionals so you can imagine what she has achieved during her one to one sessions with 30 years of clinical practice and when she sends you the bill, you will not suffer a “starvation conflict”, I promise you.

Ego and greed have infiltrated the world of the GNM.

For me it has been an arduous and mammoth task to unlearn almost everything that I have previously been taught about GNM and to re-learn under the guidance of Ilsedora, but it’s definitely worth it.
So, let’s now explore some of the misinformation and dare I say adulterated information of Dr. Hamer’s work from some of the GHK group. One of whom is on the “Leadership team” of the Pilhar Academy. If she has no problem presenting this incorrect information in public videos, of course, she will have no problem teaching the same to her students.

I do wonder, after their students and clients find out that they have been fed with the wrong information and that is not from Dr. Hamer and the original source, if they would ask for a refund?
After prospective students and clients learn about all the incorrect information I am about to present, will they re-think where to invest their money so they can nip the potential adrenal fatigue in the bud when they finally realize they have set off in the wrong direction or “bet on the wrong horse”?

Everything I have compiled here is on the record, and these video links literally speak volumes about the lack of respect for Dr. Hamer’s research which was empirical and the harmful information that the GHK communities are spreading.
Andi Locke Mears, besides being completely wrong in many areas while trying to convey the kind of conflict that is responsible for different conditions, also tries to give explanations on how some diseases behave that are astonishingly incorrect.
Yet, she claims to “teach” the GNM and is giving out practitioner diplomas to people that have placed their trust in her and paid her for correct information, not for guesswork. Andi is shamelessly seen in the public domain saying that the Pilhar Academy teaches unadulterated work of Dr. Hamer and yet she promotes Björn Eybl’s distorted work.

I often wonder if Andi has actually used the Scientific Chart, she hangs behind her in her videos. The same goes for Melissa Sell who regurgitates it in her online videos but still doesn’t seem to really understand it.

Experts indeed!

In this interview with Danny Carroll:

At 4:00 mins:
Andi admits that her first lesson in the GNM was in 2009 and right after her first 5 day “training” she “BARELY understood the GNM” but on the Tuesday after the “training” she pulled out the book and started using the GNM with her clients.
If now in 2022, she is still making so many mistakes, I can only imagine the number of mistakes she has made since 2009. Those poor clients. Andi is on the Pilhar Academy Leadership team and founded GHK Global.

At 6:00 mins:
3 years later after her 5 day training she started to consult as a GNM practitioner online full-time and she started to do online conferences.

At 8:00 mins:
4 years ago, 2018, Andi was feeling “isolated” and she set up GHK global.

(i.e. she waited for Dr. Hamer to pass – I wonder why she did not set up GHK Global when he was still alive. Because Dr. Hamer would not have allowed it.)

From 23:30 mins:
Andi attempts to have a go at what constellations are.
She tries to explain dementia, anxiety, and autism.

Constellations are highly complex and take a great deal of expertise to unravel and make sense of them. She is now writing a book on them!
I won’t labor into all the mistakes in this particular segment; however, she says that as a right-handed female her first conflict will land on the left side and second conflict lands on the right hemisphere. One can only assume she is referring to the cortical relays. However, she is then asked to give an example of these types of constellations, and she gives an example of dementia referring to the Kidney Collecting Tubules relays which is completely independent of laterality, meaning left of right handedness as the Kidney Collecting Tubules have nothing to do with a reaction in the cerebral cortex. 

That is already incorrect information on Dr. Hamer’s work. Actually, on second thought, I don’t even think this is actually GNM. It sounds more like “blended modalities”. If this is what Andi will be teaching at the Pilhar Academy, prospective students, beware!
What confuses me is that Andi introduced the interview by showing Danny Carroll the Scientific Chart that she said she bought in 2009. If she is not getting her information to present in the interview from the Scientific Chart, where is she getting it from? We can read about constellations on page 10 and page 95 of the Scientific Chart.

From another video:
Andi tries to have a go at IBS, the conflict she says is “indigestible morsel which can be something that is difficult to accept like an event, an idea, a news, a situation, that is difficult to digest in the colon and the conflict is ugly such as as nasty divorce, or being betrayed.

Where in Dr. Hamer’s work has Andi learnt that IBS is specific to the colon? I won’t labor on all the incorrect information here but here is a hint for our reader, a morsel is something that we need for our survival. So, she advises that the resolution is “laughter yoga because the human body doesn’t recognize the difference between real laughter and fake laughter”. “Hahaha! Which is kinda cool!”, she continued. 

Talk about blending modalities! 

Now we know what the students will be learning.

In this interview with Dr. Andrew Kaufman:
From 17:00 minutes: Andrew asks Andi what the difference between a benign and malignant cancer is.

Warning readers and viewers: Hearing conflict alert!

Andi gives the example of lung cancer.
She says if biopsy is taken when the growth is in the conflict active phase it would be diagnosed as benign and if biopsy is taken in the healing phase it would be diagnosed as malignant.

Completely wrong and harmful information. This is out in the public domain.

For example a lung tumour, not a bronchial tumour, grows in the conflict active phase and will be diagnosed as a “malignant” adenocarcinoma during that time. A bronchial tumour only grows when the conflict is resolved and it is only then that it will be diagnosed as malignant. She’s not differentiating between the two kinds of lung cancer and has it all wrong to boot!
And Andi has the audacity to publicly state that what Pilhar Academy teaches is unadulterated!

Andrew asks what about when people die of malignant growths:

She says the body can only take so much, if there are many programs running in vital organs, they will not make it.

Completely wrong!
Where and when did Dr. Hamer say this?

If Dr. Kaufman was perhaps on the fence of coming over to the GNM, after this interview, there is no hope that this is going to happen. His facial expression in this interview says it all.
From this one Melissa Sell and Andi Locke Mears are talking about brain tumours:
From 11:50 minutes:

Andi and Melissa compare the grading of brain tumours from a “GNM perspective”, apparently.

Grade 1 they say is a small conflict shock (e.g., common cold)
Grade 4 they claim is from an intense DHS (e.g., loss of a job.)

Completely wrong!
I think Melissa and Andi should take Ilsedora’s Intermediate Diploma course before they continue spreading misinformation. How is this NOT adulterated Dr. Hamer’s work? Are Andi and Melissa trying to erase Dr. Hamer’s work with their misinformation?

From this video:

From 3:00 mins:
Andi is again caught saying that she bought the GNM book in 2009, but it made ZERO sense to her after reading it. So, she went to Canada and spent 4 days of training (not with Ilsedora) and after 30 minutes into her first day of “training” everything made sense. However, she contradicts herself and continues by saying that she went back home on Monday night and started practicing GNM on Tuesday morning BARELY understanding it. From there she then decided to focus on teaching the GNM in 2018 where she took a year off to develop her courses.

I can only imagine the content and the quality of those courses which will translate into the Pilhar Academy.

From 13 mins:
Andi is attempting to give an example of how a biological program runs. So she gives an example of someone losing their job. She says:

“You lost your job, and you are the bread winner of your family, and you are worried about how to provide for your family. And it might take you two months to find a new job. In those two months, you are growing cells, losing cells or losing a function somewhere in your body”…. she then concludes to say that:
if there was a loss of function loss, say your hearing was affected, in the healing phase you will regain it.”

Again, completely wrong. She has it backwards. During the conflict active phase of a “I can’t believe I heard this” kind of conflict, there is NO hearing loss. Hearing loss can only happen after many relapses back and forth into the same conflict and only after it resolves. Is this the type of information the students will be learning?

From 17:32:
Andi says that in PCL Phase B- glial cells heal the affected area and if a CT scan is done this is what is called a brain tumour.
She says: “Everyone has a brain tumour at the end of a common cold, and it is all good!”

This is so wrong you cannot imagine. Brain tumours will only develop after a healing phase of a conflict that is very old, or possibly if it was extremely intense for a period of time after several relapses. Then we also have to understand the mechanism in different parts of the brain that can prevent this from happening. A brain tumour after sinus infection indeed!

From this video:

From 12:29 mins:
Andi introduces a new modality into her GNM video called Blocking!
Andi explains that she couldn’t get rid of neck pain.
She says: “I am working out where I am feeling intellectually devalued and I do the whole GNM thing and then you showed me the blocking. I started blocking and within a week the pain is only a whisper of what it used to be”.

Mind you, Andi has publicly accused Ilsedora of “blending modalities”. Since when does any kind of “blocking” alleviate pain. The fact that it took a week indicates that it ran its course anyway.

In this video:

Mike, heal your gut guy makes a bold statement “5 Tips to heal hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s 100% naturally” by addressing the root cause. The conflict he says is: “Not being fast enough to catch or eliminate a morsel”.

Completely wrong! If Mike has this wrong then his 5 tips won’t be of any use. If he had the right information he would know that hypothyroidism has nothing to do with the morsel It is not controlled by the pons of the brainstem, It is controlled by the cerebrum and has to do with “no control in a dangerous situation”.

And this is only one video of Mike’s repertoire of nonsense on YouTube. 
He’s pretty much got almost everything wrong in the rest of his videos.
In one of them his indigestible morsel conflict was because he could not “digest women” he says. 
And in another one, he said that morphine is ‘extremely vagatonic’. He said it with so much confidence and conviction! Come on, now! This is GNM 101.


From this video:
From 19:20 minutes:
Melissa talks about lighter self-devaluation where she says the cervical nodes respond.
She has also been seen in public advising her audience that lymphoma of the neck is because of intellectual self-devaluation.

Again, we know this is completely wrong and harmful. The cervical nodes in the neck are controlled by the cerebrum and have nothing to do with self – devaluation. They actually share the same conflict with hypothyroidism. The tissue is not mesodermal, this tissue is ectodermal which has nothing to do with self – devaluation.

What is even more interesting is that Melissa Sell has a Resolve Course that she sells.

On her public forums when a member of the general public would ask a question, she would give a brief synopsis as to what the conflict “might be” and she shares her quick link to her Resolve course.
This is highly irresponsible! Melissa makes no effort to engage in further conversations with the individual to even understand the nature of the conflict. Remember, some conflicts, especially old conflicts should never be resolved. These individuals are new to the GNM, and they have no idea what conflicts should and should not be resolved.
Remember, “First, do not harm”?

Very sad indeed.

Andi Locke Mears was recently asked publicly by a potential student:

I’m not clear on if an educator is to educate other people GHK that would then educate others or is the educator for practitioners to assist others in their healing process?

Andi replied with:

The “therapy” is in the knowledge and for the client to understand this, they need to be guided by an experienced educator who knows what questions to ask so they have clarity on how to move forward. This wisdom is inside every person….it simply needs to be discovered and brought forward. An experienced GHK Educational Consultant can do this!

You heard right. After this particular course, you will become a GHK Educational Consultant.
Do you educate or do you consult? If you end up with bouts of haemorrhoids, hint! Block Therapy and Laughter Yoga will not help the haemorrhoids!

So, what exactly will the students be learning at the Pilhar Academy if the therapy is in the knowledge? Why not just complete Pilhar’s free courses?

At the GNM Institute the students are learning Dr. Hamer’s GNM. Remember Ilsedora worked with him for 2 decades and Ilsedora has 30 years of clinical experience in practicing the GNM. At the Institute you will learn how to APPLY the GNM with precision.

Anyone who tries to apply the GNM without learning its application as Dr. Hamer taught and practiced clinically will fail to achieve any success. So, why would anyone want to learn GHK through the Pilhar Academy so that they can then teach GHK, if Pilhar Academy is already teaching? Imagine a world full of GHK “educators” teaching GHK with no clue in how to apply it.

On the same note, someone asked Andi publicly if CT analysis will be taught at the Pilhar Academy, she said that it might be added as an additional course. If the students of the Pilhar Academy are learning GHK to teach GHK, why do they need to learn CT? Is Andi simply trying to compete with the GNM Institute and to erase Dr. Hamer’s GNM?

I hope the public can see through it. Thank you for reading.