The next step in the evolution of the GNM

January 25th 2021

Dear Friends;

It is my great pleasure to announce the next step in the evolution of the GNM. It was Dr. Hamer’s dream to create a university to teach the German New Medicine (Germanische Heilkunde), but unfortunately, it was not meant to be in his lifetime.

Since his passing in 2017, I have been working to establish a new program to certify practitioners in the art of the practice of the GNM. This was not an easy task as it meant that there would have to be stringent prerequisites as well as an examination and evaluation process in order to certify the student.

The only legitimate courses in the English-speaking world since Dr. Hamer stopped giving seminars were the courses created by myself in 2010 which were approved by Dr. Hamer personally.

As time went by more courses were added as were yearly workshops that were held in Toronto and attended by students from all over the world. However, there was nothing in place at that time to certify individuals using the GNM in their practice.

As of late spring 2021, my new website which will be dedicated to advanced GNM education will be launched and the new level of certification courses will begin.

In order to apply for the certification courses, the student is expected to have completed Modules I – III online and to have written and passed the required examinations on the course material.

If the student has not studied anatomy and physiology as a prerequisite to their own healing modality, we are happy to recommend online courses approved by the school. When the course has been reviewed, the student will be required to write an examination on the course material prior to entering into the certification program.

This entire process will take place online through the new website dedicated to GNM education.

Until then I hope that those of you interested in certification in the GNM will begin to study Modules I-III so that you may enter into the official certification program when the new website is launched.

Students that have recently participated in Modules I-III and wish to enter into the certification program must first write an entrance exam on the course material. However approved courses on anatomy and physiology must also have been passed prior to registering.

We are offering courses at three levels of understanding.

Level I – GNM for Everyone

These courses are offered to families and laypersons without a medical background. The courses will provide a simple explanation of the Five Biological Laws with easy to understand explanations on common ailments as well as the disease process of some serious conditions.

Level II – GNM for Medical Professionals (Diploma course)

The topics covered in Modules I – III will provide all the necessary information on the GNM for any medical professional from family physicians to naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, homeopaths, osteopaths, massage therapists, and more.

These courses may also be attended by non-medical professionals that have an interest in expanding their knowledge of the GNM. However, a diploma cannot be offered without having a background in anatomy and physiology as well as successfully passing the required examinations.

Level III – Certified GNM Consultant (Certification courses)

After completing the additional advanced Level III courses, the student will be taught how to use the GNM in practice.  Courses on CT analysis will be optional. A separate level of certified consultant will be established to include the art of CT evaluation according to Dr. Hamer’s discovery.

The certified graduate will also be required to submit live case studies at specific intervals in order to maintain their status as a Certified Consultant. The graduate will also be required to attend post-graduate courses specified by the school to update and advance their knowledge in order to maintain certification.

The Association for Certified Consultants

Graduates of the certification program that actively maintain a practice will be required to be a member of the Association for Certified Consultants to maintain their status. They will also qualify to submit their case studies as part of the ongoing research into the GNM.

The Association for Professional Graduates

This association will be dedicated to medical professionals with a diploma in GNM. If the diploma graduate wishes to participate in our referral service for medical practitioners that have incorporated the GNM into their practice they will be invited to join the association once their studies have been completed.

A new era in medicine

In 1981 Dr. Hamer discovered the first biological law “The Iron Rule of Cancer”. Now, 40 years later we are entering into a new era where old belief systems have become so challenged that they can no longer provide us with answers to the cause and treatment of diseases. As a result, people are looking into other directions for those answers and solutions.

The Germanische Heilkunde has provided us with the answers we have been looking for and now thankfully we are able to offer courses to people of all walks of life regardless of background or education.

We are dedicated to providing a new level of understanding of all disease processes regardless of whether they are common ailments, chronic conditions, or serious illnesses.

As the official opening of the school comes closer into view we will keep you updated. But meanwhile please look at the existing courses we offer on our current website dedicated to GNM Education.

These courses are the starting point for everyone eager to pursue a career in the German New Medicine or to be able to incorporate this new understanding of the disease process into their existing practice.

I wish you all the best for 2021!

Ilsedora Laker