In a human good and evil, dark and light, angel and devil somehow connect. Who are you, human?

Angels and Demons

A few things came across my desk this morning which has compelled me to write this blog.

The topic really has to do with people that misrepresent themselves in the GNM world. That in itself is dangerous for obvious reasons.

Unfortunately the general public can easily be misled by search engines and what comes up first, not to mention the blatant lie’s people tell simply for their own opportunistic purposes.

We must remember the obvious and that these misrepresentations are damaging to the GNM community when someone instigates these lies for whatever they feel they will personally get out of it.

The bottom line is that this system is being taught by inexperienced people that are not health care practitioners. I strongly suspect most don’t even have a grasp of anatomy and physiology.

I refer you to my original website for the statements I had to post on my web site to set the record straight. Those of you that read the sequence of events that led to my statements felt horrified I’m sure, at the audacity of the perpetrators.  Http://

I also acknowledge that people that have been misled with the lies Markolin had posted on her web site, sometimes find it difficult to accept that they had in fact “chosen the wrong camp”. Hence they ignore the warnings that have been posted. This of course is something that someone as devious as Markolin relies on.

Here I refer you to the recording of Dr. Hamer denouncing her as a “thief and a liar”.  Recording 1
Recording 2

People like Markolin that have no qualms about posting such lies for the sake of self promotion are dangerous to the general public. They are usually labeled as psychopaths. People like that also have the knack for twisting the truth and have absolutely no remorse with respect to their actions.

Thankfully Markolin removed her accusations, but only after she was caught within her own web of lies where she managed to contradict herself over and over again and she ended up exposing herself to the general public.

I must remind you that she finally admitted to lying about her GNM credentials by revealing that her body of GNM education involved literally only 8 days of seminar with Dr. Hamer in Spain prior to 2005 and that she did not have any contact with Dr. Hamer for many years. How then could she possibly keep up with a vital body of knowledge needed to be able to teach the GNM correctly?

This is in stark contradiction to my personal GNM education where I have been working closely with Dr. Hamer and have been kept updated on his latest research on a constant basis since I first met him 18 years ago. Unlike Markolin’s false claims that what she taught was approved by him, he has in fact reviewed and approved everything I teach.

More recently, after removing the lies we caught her in from her website, she posted instead a statement that she was the one that distanced herself from Dr. Hamer because of his personal political conspiracy beliefs.

How strange that she only then chose to make that statement. Why attack innocent people to try to gain control of GNM and only then distance herself from Dr. Hamer? Was she perhaps goading him into being denounced as a conspirator herself? How clever! That way if a conspiracy was discovered by Dr. Hamer she could always say “I told you so” this is why I distanced myself!

Those of you curious about her previous statements may have access to them through this web site. We have screen shots on file of what she was forced to remove in 2014, to prove the extent of her lies.

Here we are 10 years after she began to attack me as a person, a GNM teacher and consultant, and yet she still insists on misleading the public that she has a body of knowledge which is adequate to teach the GNM and its principles. As you know, this is highly dangerous to people that are working with clients with respect to their health concerns.

The body of knowledge she has acquired is limited to the “Scientific Chart” which is also already 9 years old and is accessible to the general public. She literally has no more than that to offer because she has NO experience other than what she has read. She states on her web site that she is doing this “for the greater good”.

I’m sorry I don’t buy that nor should anyone else. If anything she is doing this for herself without any second thought to the GNM and what it stands for.

More recently she has again posted that I have no authorization from Dr. Hamer to teach and consult in the GNM. She accuses me of plagiarizing his work, when in fact, I have posted ONLY his work and no one else’s adulterated version of it. Not to mention this is all by his exclusive permission. I have exclusive permission to use his copyrighted diagrams, unlike Markolin who recently began to replace Dr. Hamer’s diagrams with her own versions to try to avoid copyright infringements! Does that not speak volumes about who is authorized and who is not authorized?

Is it not strange that someone who admittedly has NO contact with Dr. Hamer that she could possibly have access to such personal information? Dr. Hamer has never denounced me, however from the recordings I posted in this blog, it is evident that he has denounced her.

Here I must remind you that she also posted a false statement trying to make me look like Dr. Hamer forbade me to teach or consult in the GNM and then had the audacity to cut and paste his signature from a signed document found on Dr. Hamer’s web site! Legally this is considered to be a fraudulent act in a premeditated attempt to mislead people.

If Caroline Markolin was truly a “healer” or even remotely understood the repercussions of the GNM philosophy on every day people and their everyday lives, she would not persist in spreading lies and continue to misrepresent the GNM.

The Spanish people call the GNM “La Medicina Sagrada”, “The Sacred Medicine” which implies leading a life of harmlessness, which if one looks at the actions of Caroline Markolin is clearly not how she conducts her life.

Please be aware, in the GNM world there are Angels and there are Demons.