Serious diagnosis

Part 1 – Are you ready for GNM?

If you are a first time visitor to this web site, I’m sure you were quite surprised at the implications of this ground breaking discovery. Not everyone is ready to accept this new way of looking at what we have been taught to call “the disease process” not to mention that most people frequenting this site are looking for more information on a cancer diagnosis because either they or a loved one have been recently diagnosed.

Then of course there is the patient that has been given no hope, treatment has failed and they are looking for any way and means to survive the “death sentence”.

A chance to survive

What if I told you that most of these so called death sentences were no more than a voodoo spell and the patient had a chance to survive it? Most people wouldn’t believe it. However, this really is the case, and yet the majority are so “over programmed” by the negative information out there about cancer this and cancer that…that they really have difficulty believing that they can survive.

So why does a patient with a cancer diagnosis succumb to their “disease process”. To understand this we must first understand what Dr. Hamer discovered more than 3 decades ago about cancer.

His first ground breaking discovery was actually called “The Iron Rule of Cancer” which was unearthed when he realized that a biological shock was responsible for the onset of his own testicular cancer. In other words, this was not a mistake by nature there was a real reason for the onset of the cellular changes that are called “cancer”.

A biological shock?

So what is a biological shock? Dr. Hamer found that when we experience a negative situation that is unanticipated, a biological program is set into motion simultaneously and immediately on the psyche, brain and organ. The implications of this are astounding especially in today’s world where people are diagnosed with a cancer by the thousands on a daily basis.

Let’s look at this discovery a little closer. If we have a shock or DHS as we call it in the GNM, a disease process can be initiated. However, when the biological shock is resolved, this activity will come to a halt. Now we must define “activity”.

This activity will take place on the organ and depending on the particular cellular structure that was affected, this activity can either develop into a growth (tumor) or it could begin to degenerate tissue on an organ. The location of this activity on the organ is determined by the exact nature of the conflict.

Healing mode

When this conflict activity stops, the body will naturally go into “healing mode”. However, this is also when approximately 60 – 70% of our diseases will be diagnosed and that includes some cancers!

On the other hand, when a growth develops during conflict activity it will stop growing and either lay dormant or degrade when the biological conflict is resolved.

That is quite a statement isn’t it? However, it is a fact and traditional medicine has already observed this. They just couldn’t explain it until Dr. Hamer began to look for answers. As a matter of fact approximately 50% of all cancers that grow during conflict activity are already resolved and dormant at the moment of a cancer diagnosis.

So how does a cancer actually spread?

This was another revelation from Dr. Hamer. When he realized why a cancer could become dormant or stop growing, he had to try to understand what metastasis was all about. But first we need to understand what traditional medicine believes is the cause of a spreading cancer.

It is commonly believed that a cancerous cell will dislodge itself from a “primary” tumor and swim through either the lymphatic system or through the blood stream, attach itself to another organ and begin another cancer process. Thankfully this concept is incorrect!

When Dr. Hamer began to look for the answer, he realized that first, this has NEVER been observed or proven to exist in any humans or animals and second, that if traditional medicine actually believed this, that they would have developed a blood screening process for people that donated blood. Otherwise anyone that received donated blood is at risk of developing cancer not to mention that these cancerous cells would need a great deal of intelligence to land in very close proximity to the primary growth because it would first need to go through the entire circulatory system to get there!

The Iron Rule of Cancer

It’s at this point that we need some perspective and that means acknowledging the discovery of “The Iron Rule of Cancer”, Dr. Hamer’s first biological law which states that all diseases outside of poisoning begin with a biological conflict shock!

That means, that if an individual is diagnosed with, say a single breast cancer or an ovarian cancer or even a bowel cancer, that in order for “the cancer” to spread to another organ, they would need another biological shock to get that sequence moving.

Dr. Hamer managed to prove this by using catscan (computerized tomography) of the brain where concentric rings are seen on the specific brain relays connected to an organ experiencing activity.

What about patients that are diagnosed with metastasis at the same time as the cancer is discovered? This is not as complex as it sounds, it is relatively easy to understand when properly explained.

Cancer diagnosis example:

Let’s take the example of someone that has a cancer diagnosis involving the liver, pancreas and stomach at the same time, which all develop from the moment of the conflict shock. The triggers or relays in the brain, which in this case are located side by side in the pons of the brainstem are simultaneously affected with the conflict shock experience. However the magnitude of the shock must be such that the activity is enormous. This is why we don’t see this too often.

Then we need to understand the concept of “tracks” which really means another aspect of the biological shock that occurred at the moment of the DHS. For example if a woman with an intraductal breast cancer is simultaneously diagnosed with a “spreading” to the lymph there had to be a “self – devaluation” or an aspect of “impotence” in the situation that caused the milk ducts in the breast to react.

The milk ducts and lymph, by the way, will only develop a so called cancer when the conflict is resolved. It seems unfair, but this is a repair phase to the damage done to the cells during the conflict activity.

We have been programmed

This entire concept of a cancer only developing in a healing phase is the most difficult thing for most people to accept or even understand. We have been programmed to see these manifestations as malignancies, in other words fatal and of course when we have such a diagnosis we have another biological shock which sets the entire biological process into motion which may develop into another tumor.

This of course will unsettle anyone who has been programmed with the existing information on cancer and life expectancy. It’s no wonder why someone with a cancer diagnosis has a slim chance of recovering.