Microscopic image of flu H3N3 virus or germ cells in the human body.

Bugs, Germs and Cooties

I’m sure most of you that are around my age….ah, 39 ish, know what we mean by cooties. It’s a reference we used in childhood to “being exposed” to something that can make us feel yucky or even sick by touching someone else.

Kids very cruelly referred to someone having cooties if they didn’t like them and so they ended up being shunned by the rest of the group.

It’s that same childish way of seeing things that conventional medicine has adopted to explain how disease spreads. These days it’s not just a cold or flu or even measles that are the concern. It’s pandemics that we are told should concern us.

The latest of course is the so called Ebola virus. A couple of years ago it was the Swine flu, previous to that it was the Bird flu. Naturally in GNM we do not see these so called “pandemics” the same way as conventional medicine does…or the rest of the world for that matter!

If anything has caused a controversy in the GNM it is with respect to the role microbes play in the disease process as well as the fact that Dr. Hamer does not believe that viruses exist.

Dr. Hamer isn’t the only one that disagrees with conventional medicine with respect to viruses which by the way also include HIV, and the so called Ebola virus.

Dr. Stefan Lanka a German virologist agrees with Dr. Hamer 100%. As a matter of fact, Dr. Lanka is currently in court defending his opinion with respect to the so called Measles virus not existing either!

What a revelation. A virus doesn’t exist! So why are we vaccinated against something that doesn’t exist?

How did Dr. Hamer come to that conclusion and why does Dr. Lanka agree?  The answer is quite simple. There has never been a virus isolated under a microscope! What are seen under a microscope are particles which are interpreted as viruses.

The Polio virus is a good example of this “misinterpretation”. When it was first said to have been discovered, the methodology they used was highly suspicious. As a matter of fact, what they actually saw are “artificial particles” generated by suction through a fine filter into a vacuum. This so called structure differs from what is claimed to be a virus within the cells. Yet these particles were then photographed and labeled as the Polio virus and used as an example even today more than 50 years later. One would think the technology had improved but unfortunately it hasn’t.

If you wish to read more on Dr. Lanka’s “debunking” of the viral fraud as he calls it, go to http://neue-medizin.com/lanka2.htm No wonder he’s in hot water with big pharma!

When we look for viruses on the Internet and they are brightly colored and look like something from outer space, they are in fact computer generated images. A virus has NEVER been photographed or seen under a microscope.

When I began to research this topic more closely for my Level II presentation “Microbes Friend or Foe”, I was shocked at what I found. It seems that no one has ever actually proven that a virus exists. What they do see is a systemic reaction to a healing phase that leaves a specific kind of antibody.

So what about Ebola? Dr. Lanka has written about this and believes that what these unfortunate people are suffering from are poisoning.

In the words of Dr. Lanka from an article he wrote, “In third world countries vaccinations are used for population control. These vaccines can contain pregnancy hormones to prevent an overgrowth in population. Poisons such as plutonium have destroyed entire tribes. If the level of toxins in vaccination’s are increased 100 or 1000 fold then the recipient can suffer from liver failure and internal bleeding and be labeled as suffering from Ebola, Marbourg, Crimea Congo or Lassa infections”. http://whale.to/a/lanka.html

Based on what Dr. Lanka said, should we be worried about getting sick from Ebola? Personally I would be more worried about lining up for vaccinations against any “flavor of the month” pandemic.