Counting jumping sheep 3d illustration

Counting Sheep

When we have to count sheep to get some sleep, we know in the GNM that we are in either the conflict active phase, or in a healing phase depending on which part of the night we experience sleeplessness.

Some people have trouble getting to sleep before 3:00 AM. That means that they are in a healing phase.

Others wake up at 3:00 AM and can’t fall back asleep until 6:00 or 7:00 AM. That indicates that they are in a conflict active phase.

To understand why, we have to look at our natural daytime and night time rhythms.

In nature, the day begins at sunrise and ends at sunset. We should actually rise with the sun and get our rest at sunset. Sunset is also the time a naturally occurring hormone is secreted by the pineal gland called melatonin. This hormone helps to regulate our circadian rhythms. However it has been misunderstood why melatonin levels decrease in people that have problems getting to sleep.

Of course we “sorcerer’s apprentices” as Dr. Hamer calls us, feel it’s necessary to intervene and supplement this hormone when we have trouble getting to sleep. What we don’t realize is that we are interfering with nature at a time when the body is telling us that we should remain awake.

If we have trouble getting to sleep we are in a deep healing phase where in the majority of cases, there is a fever, inflammation, or in the case of a healing bone cancer, pain.

I would like to use this example of “healing bones” because in Dr. Hamer’s observation it is very clear as to why we have trouble getting to sleep.

When we have a deep conflict of “self-devaluation”, or feeling completely “worthless”, our skeletal structure which includes the joints, can be affected with a degeneration of the bone during the conflict active phase.

The part of the skeletal structure that is affected is determined by both a person’s laterality (handedness) which can indicate a DHS involving a specific relationship, as well as the nature of the conflict and what one was “unable” to achieve at the moment of the DHS.

During conflict activity or “cold phase” we have no serious physical symptoms with the exception of the stress symptoms coinciding with the cold phase that most of us don’t even acknowledge.

These symptoms include cold extremities, poor appetite AND waking at 3:00 AM!

When we resolve the conflict the “hot phase” begins. The hot phase will involve warm extremities, better appetite AND having trouble getting to sleep UNTIL 3:00 AM.

The question is why is our sleep interrupted until 3:00 AM?

The answer lies in our symptoms and the onset of the “hot phase”.

When we enter into this particular kind of healing phase, we also experience inflammation, swelling and pain. In the case of the healing bone, there is a calcification process going on to restore the bone mass that was lost during conflict activity.

This calcification process also involves a great deal of pain because the skin around the bone called the “periosteum” becomes stretched during this bone healing process. The job of the periosteum is to hold the callus in place while the bone is calcifying in this healing phase.

As it happens, the periosteum is also the most highly sensitized part of the physiology and when it stretches will give us severe pain. This process of course is exacerbated when we enter into the natural night time rhythm because we are already in vagotonia which is also the naturally occurring night time phase.

As a matter of fact, everyone experiencing healing bone pain agrees that the pain increases at sunset and begins to abate at sunrise. The pain is always worse during the night.

To help us to get through the night under these circumstances, our bodies do their best to “weaken” the natural effects of the night time rhythm by extending the sympathicotonia or day time rhythm.

Anyone can tell you that a fever increases in the evening, as does any swelling or pain from an inflammatory process. We believe it is the discomfort keeping us awake, when in fact it’s our bodies helping us to deal with this phase more efficiently.

When we look at the kinds of medicines that are used to help reduce inflammation then we understand that their action is to induce a “sympathicotonic state” to weaken the effects of the vagotonia or naturally occurring healing phase.

If we fall asleep and suddenly wake around 3:00 AM then we have entered into a conflict active phase, either through a DHS or a “track”, meaning that the old wound of the DHS has been opened up again.

If this is a conflict active phase, why do we wake at 3:00 AM and not have trouble getting to sleep?

Once again it has to do with the daytime and night time rhythms. The daytime rhythm begins at dawn, which is approximately 3 AM. This is when we will hear the birds begin to chirp, and the world comes alive again.

I’m sure you’ve all heard the expression “the early bird catches the worm”? That expression is a good metaphor for why we wake so early. It’s really to provide us with more waking hours to solve our biological conflict.

Instead of taking a sleeping pill or melatonin when you wake at 3:00 AM, ask yourself “What’s on my mind that is waking me up so early?”

When one is in a conflict active phase we will have a couple of hours to think about it before falling back asleep so we might as well make use of the quiet time nature has provided us.