COVID-19 Part III – A Little Science

March 19th 2020

Since I wrote the last 2 blogs the world seems to have gone mad. There is so much hype and unnecessary panic globally that it has boggled my mind. Yes you heard right “unnecessary”!

Those of you that understand Dr. Hamer’s 5 biological laws know what I mean, but at the same time you probably also admit to buying into the hype. That’s because you were programmed from childhood for this particular moment in the history of planet Earth.

The world we live in has changed overnight. Nothing will ever be the same because now “they” have control over us. As we speak, more legislation is being passed to solidify that control and the bottom line is that this is all about money and power and diverting finances into areas we have no control over. 

This is not and never has been about “containing” the spread of a virus. It’s about an opportunity to make life altering changes for each individual globally. My worst fears are coming true as we speak. 

However I still think there is time for us, through knowledge and awareness to prevent the catastrophe that is about to happen. In this case I am talking about our freedom and a campaign for mandatory mass vaccinations. But before I go there I have to fill you in on how this is being perpetrated.

To do this I have to go into the history of medicine and the existing germ theory. I will begin with Dr. Lanka’s explanation of how Robert Koch the German scientist who tried to prove that a microbe can be transmitted from one creature to another, conducted his experiments. He failed miserably and was actually run out of Germany until “the powers that be” saw that this theory could be of some benefit to them politically.

In the words of Dr. Stefan Lanka on bacteria experimentation:

Bacteria will produce toxins but only in a dead body. They survive in an aerobic environment such as the intestinal tract which when the individual or animal dies is deprived of oxygen. However only a few will survive but only if they can manage to change their metabolism and only then do they become toxic.

FACT: bacteria are not identifiable in a test tube. Only 2% of all bacteria are able to be cultivated and multiply. If a bacteria is extracted and cultivated in isolation it loses its properties after a short time and won’t survive so to work with them, large quantities are frozen which constitutes a massive intervention and doesn’t represent their behavior in nature.

During experimentation it was observed that the bacteria, even though some multiplied that they were unable to produce toxins in a living host. They only produced toxins in a dead host.

Then an attempt was made to inject the bacteria into a different host but they failed to make it sick. The only success they had in killing the host was when they injected these cadaver toxins into live mice. After that they took an organ from the dead mouse and transplanted it into a living host which then also dies.

The fact is that these living creatures die more so from the experimental process than the toxins from the bacteria that they were injected with.”

Dr. Lanka on the isolation of a virus: 

Samples are taken from the “infected” person or animal and are placed with a “cell type” that the virus is being tested for which is usually foreign genetic material and is artificially introduced into the cell. This is called transfection. If the cells show changes known as cytopathic effects meaning structural changes in the host cell then the culture is deemed as “positive for a virus”. 

Most current testing is done on chicken eggs containing chicken embryos, which is the same method Robert Koch used to inject cadaver toxins into live creatures. In this case they take samples from the “affected” person or animal and inject it into the chicken egg and depending on how the embryo dies it is proclaimed that the virus is found.

Then it is claimed that the virus has been isolated. The problem is that there is never a control group so even if a sterile solution is injected into the egg it will also die.

The current photographs of viruses found in medical books or online are all either CGI (computer generated images) or only a mixture of fats and proteins which are then shaken in an ultrasound bath and then visualized under a microscope. However it is observed that they have no nucleic acid and decompose quickly. Also they are of different sizes. Clearly this is fraud.”

Currently in Canada

“A Canadian company says it has made a breakthrough in claiming to have developed a COVID-19 vaccine candidate that could begin human testing as early as this summer.

Quebec City-based Medicago said it has produced a virus-like particle of the novel coronavirus, a first step towards producing a vaccine, which will now undergo pre-clinical testing for safety and efficacy.

The biopharmaceutical company said it was able to create a vaccine candidate quickly as it used a plant-based platform, not chicken embryos, to help grow vaccine proteins.

We have a [seasonal flu vaccine] that is currently under review with Health Canada, and the [technology] we are using for this COVID vaccine is exactly the same.

Dawn Bowdish, Canada Research Chair in aging and immunity at McMaster University, said the company’s ability to grow virus-like particles in plants has helped it produce vaccines in the past against influenza, including a vaccine candidate against H1N1 in 2009.

A virus-like particle looks like the outside of a virus but doesn’t have any of the genetic material on the inside,” said Bowdish, who also sits on the scientific advisory board of Medicago. “It doesn’t cause infection but looks really similar from your immune system’s perspective.”

Although this was “good news,” Bowdish cautioned that most vaccine trials fail and in 17 years there was never a vaccine fully developed for the SARS outbreak.

It’s unlikely there will be a miracle drug,” she said. “But Canada has had some incredible successes creating vaccines very quickly. We had huge success with the Ebola virus.”

Now that is interesting about “virus like particles” so that means they are in fact admitting that they have NEVER actually isolated a LIVE virus…..not to mention the success with the Ebola virus…especially since it was discovered in the very beginning some years ago that the water sources in the affected villages had been poisoned with formaldehyde. If you look at the Ebola symptoms you will see that they are the same as formaldehyde poisoning.

Back to the history books, some interesting facts about Pasteur

Along with his research journals, Pasteur kept a personal diary which was never to be opened and remains in his family. However his descendant gave his files and diary to Princeton University which since then have been opened. It was then discovered that Pasteur admitted to committing fraud in all his undertakings. But he was humane enough to document his deceits in his personal diaries parallel to his primary lab books. 

He requested that these records must never be publicized. His family naturally obtained great wealth. But the last male descendant of Pasteur didn’t obey his final request and gave the records to Princeton University and in 1993 Professor Gerard Geisson published an analysis in English that revealed that Pasteur had committed massive fraud in all his studies. For example, vaccinated animals, if they survived, had not been subjected to experimental cadaver toxins but the control group animals that died without vaccines died of this kind of poisoning. 
So he actually admitted to falsifying his findings. The problem here is that todays world view on pathogens is based on fraud, hence vaccines are promoted so that we “build our immunity” to these so called pathogens. 

Now that I’ve presented some very interesting facts, we have to look at what is really going on.

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