COVID-19 Part V – The Agenda

I have to say I was never a conspiracy theorist until I entered into the world of GNM. Having known Dr. Hamer personally and hearing his stories about everything he had to endure as a “medical heretic and dissident”, not to mention all the attempts on his life, there had to have been something to it.

In my research on the virus theory and having read everything possible that Dr. Lanka offered, I had to take the possibility of a viral fraud perpetrated by medical science and the pharmaceutical companies very seriously.

The question now is not whether there was a fraud but rather why at this time in our history fraud is being practiced globally with no attempts by anyone in their field, never mind the media to keep people calm. Instead minute by minute they are adding to the hype and fear.

When I go shopping I see the terror on some people’s faces and they look at each other suspiciously as if to say “are you a carrier?” Then of course I see the look on the faces of individuals that are given the task of wiping down everything we touch while shopping.

When this all blows over, these are the people that will get the flu in “the second wave” which has already been announced will happen before the fall.

In my research over the last few weeks I have come across some very surprising facts but in the last 24 hours I have been personally shocked by the revelations of other credible people around a conspiracy theory that is in no way connected to knowing anything about Dr. Hamer and or Dr. Lanka.

Here I am talking about the mainstream financial news and one expert in particular Martin Armstrong famously known as “The Forecaster” who sent several notifications out yesterday alone.

In this link he addresses President Trump and urges him to look at questioning the suggestions of his financial advisors and allowing the interest rate to go down to almost nothing.

Then this post came in regarding the actual numbers of people affected in comparison to the hype around it.

This last link is about the bottom line and ultimate agenda.

Did you know that in 2010 President Obama tried to pass a bill involving the chip implantation for Obamacare? It has already been proposed and is in its experimental stage using military personnel. It looks like the rest of the population is next.

It has already been proposed, it just needs to be passed by the US senate and when a “national emergency” has been declared as the result of the so called pandemic they can pass and implement this law overnight.

To make us comply, first a pandemic is created, then a law regarding mandatory vaccinations is passed which must then carried out “or else”.

The vaccinations will be used for injecting nano particles that are easily tracked with the current technology the same way we can track our phones, which was really the first step to our enslavement.

One of the creators of this technology is Bill Gates who is also a great supporter of implementing this technology. Apparently Gates left his position as CEO from Microsoft only a couple of weeks ago. The question is why? Is this about the ID2020 implementation? Watch the videos and look for the hidden agenda and HOW this is going to affect each and every individual on the planet.

Then there is the current testing method to determine whether an individual “has” the corona virus which really involves taking a swab of the upper nasal pharynx for a sample of the mucus in that area.

Since I already mentioned that the current testing method for this so called virus involves DNA sequencing we really have to look at what this means. Is it smoke and mirrors for collecting our DNA and putting it in their files? After all, the individual is giving their consent.

What “stinks” in the entire methodology, pun intended, is that since it is IMPOSSIBLE that an actual virus has EVER been isolated then where are they getting the corona virus DNA from in order to make a vaccine never mind a test for it?

If you remember in my first blog on this topic I mentioned that the testing kits were ready for use in the summer of 2019 6 months prior to the epidemic in China. How is it possible to have thousands of such testing kits available and ready to go without isolating a virus that hasn’t shown itself as yet?

As I’m writing this blog, the latest comments coming from Martin Armstrong about false positives arrived in my mailbox. Please remember he does not know anything about the GNM.

I’m sure you are all asking, now that I have presented all this information, “where is this going and is there a conspiracy to control the population globally?”

Personally I say yes. The evidence is growing and is becoming overwhelming, not just through “alternative” web sites but through mainstream media.

I believe that the measures being taken to “control a pandemic” are so unreasonable and extreme that ordinary people that have never believed in conspiracy theories are beginning to awaken from their sleep. I hope it continues because the survival of life as we know it is at stake.

I hope people will begin to take their heads out of their devices for a few minutes each day and contemplate what is going on in the real world. Once we recognise that our current technology is the first step to enslavement we will have a chance.

We are already being tracked through our phones and androids but we can turn them off.

Nano chipping is for the rest of your life.


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