The female reproductive system (or female genital system) is made up of the internal and external sex organs that function in human reproduction.

Doing the math – Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is a big topic in the GNM and has been greatly misunderstood by conventional medicine.

When we understand exactly what happens when a woman develops an ovarian cancer she has the opportunity to have a 100% chance of recovery without complications.

Unfortunately the existing problem is that women are incorrectly informed by the entire process of ovarian cancer and they immediately go into a panic on diagnosis. This of course qualifies as a shock (DHS) and can predispose them to “metastasis”, meaning that they are facing another so called cancer process down the line.

The behavior of ovarian cancer is so precise it boggles the mind. The fact the Dr. Hamer was able to correctly understand the way it develops confirms his genius.

During the conflict active phase, there is a degeneration of the interstitial part of the ovary which goes unnoticed until the conflict is solved. This conflict active phase can last for years before the patient comes to terms with the biological conflict. I have already discussed the kinds of biological conflicts that are responsible for this process in one of my first blogs “A Misinterpretation of Facts”, so please read through that blog for more information.

When the conflict shock causing the ovarian necrosis is resolved, the repair begins and in the first stage of this process, a (fluid filled) cyst will develop. As this repair process continues, over the next few months, adhesions coming from this ovary undergoing repair will infiltrate the abdominal cavity looking for a blood supply. This is because a vascular system is developing in the “repairing” ovary.

This entire maturation process takes 9 months from start to finish which is when these adhesions actually detach themselves from neighboring organs and form a perfectly indurated (solid) ovarian mass.

At the healing crisis or as we call it in the GNM, the “epileptoid crisis”, which is right at the 9 month period, the ovary will begin to necrotize (meaning degrade through necrosis). In which case a biopsy report at that point would read: “poorly differentiating necrotizing ovarian carcinoma”.

In order to avoid complications we must do the math in order to calculate if the patient is in the clear to have surgery if they so choose. If surgery is done before this 9 month process is complete, and they find adhesions infiltrating the abdominal cavity, traditional medical doctors will insist the patient take chemo and radiation. Meanwhile the diagnosis is very shocking to a patient that doesn’t understand this process because they are told “the abdominal cavity is already full of metastasis”.

Dr. Hamer on the other hand observed that this is a normal process prior to the actual reversal of what had developed. Depending on how large the ovarian mass became, that will determine how far it will degrade. What is left will be a fully functioning part of the ovary, meaning it produces estrogen and as a result the woman will look younger than her years for a very long time!

In my next blog, I will discuss the repercussions of an ovarian cancer diagnosis in women that don’t understand the GNM and the Five Biological Laws.