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Environmental poisons and cancer.

Over the years cancer researchers have looked at many different possibilities for the onset of cancer. The most obvious, a biological shock, which is what Dr. Hamer discovered, has never been taken seriously.

Instead of looking to the individual’s personal experience, researchers have concentrated on an external source for the cancer. Or they blame it on a “mistake of nature”.

When Dr. Hamer is asked about what causes a disease, his answer is “the DHS is responsible for the onset of all diseases, outside of poisoning”. However in this case we must differentiate between the toxicity levels which can “poison” an individual and they subsequently die or they have a build up of toxins in their system that have destroyed specific cells in their body.

In the world of cancer research it has been suggested that certain “carcinogens” such as PCB’s, dioxin, or formaldehyde cause cancer.

Wikipedia defines that “a carcinogen is any substance, radionuclide, or radiation that is an agent directly involved in causing cancer”.

Dr. Hamer agrees that extreme radiation toxicity, such as the amount of radiation a person is exposed to in a nuclear disaster, can cause what we know as cancers down the line, meaning eventually. However certain criteria must be fulfilled that are also dictated by the second biological law, “The Law of Two Phases”.

We already know that radiation degenerates cells, as a matter of fact radiation is a recognized cancer treatment used by conventional medicine. Radiation is also used in “destroying” thyroid function if someone has an over active thyroid. But how does it cause cancer?

According to what Dr. Hamer discovered, the radiation destroys specific cells in the body, that when the radiation levels decrease systemically and the body tries to recover from the damage, we can be presented with specific diseases.

For example, if those cells happen to be from the middle germ layer (new mesoderm) such as our skeletal structure, they can “react” in the same way as a DHS which is related to a conflict of self-devaluation.

A deep self-devaluation conflict shock affects the bone marrow during the conflict active phase by degenerating or destroying the cells which are responsible for blood production.

When those cells begin to recover from the damage, be it through conflict activity or through extreme radiation exposure, the person will develop what we know as leukemia with a “start up” of blood production through a proliferation of immature blasts which are mistakenly seen to be a “blood cancer”!

About 12 years ago a study out of Italy stated that microwaves generated by a cell phone that a woman carries either in her pocket or in her hand bag on a constant basis was responsible for ovarian cysts and possibly sterility in women.

How does one explain that within the context of the GNM?

If we observe this with GNM eyes then we know that the ovaries are derived from the middle germ layer (as is the skeletal structure). During conflict activity, the cells necrotize (degenerate) and as a result, the woman may eventually not be able to ovulate and be considered “sterile”.

Microwaves are able to “mimic” conflict activity by degeneration of the ovarian tissue, hence stopping ovulation. When the exposure to microwaves stops, the ovaries are given a chance to recover and ovarian cysts will develop.

So, we can now understand how a “carcinogen” such as radiation and microwaves affect the body.

I had an interesting conversation today which prompted me to blog about carcinogens. The question I was asked was in regard to prostate cancer being associated with high level of PCB’s.

Bearing in mind what I have just explained, I asked the person the question, “when the body goes through a detoxification for this environmental poison, is the prostate cancer reversed?”

The answer is “no it cannot be reversed because it was not caused by the PCB’s in his system. The prostate cancer is  caused by shock-conflict”.

It is also important to note that a poisoning does not register on the brain, in which case a condition caused by a poison would not be visible on a Catscan as a target ring configuration.