What will I get out of these presentations?

We hope to establish a solid foundation of knowledge of the GNM principles beginning with an explanation of the “Five Biological Laws”. Since the GNM also involves a system with new terminology, these terms are also explained in detail.

Once the basic principles are outlined, we begin to teach the disease process, how it is initiated, the cause, how it manifests during the conflict active phase, the resolution/ healing phase, and also what to expect at the epileptoid/ healing crisis.

In subsequent presentations, we begin to explore illnesses within each body system and explain the disease process according to the 5 biological laws.
Special attention is also given to mood disorders, psychosis, human behaviour and our biological codes that determine how we respond when we are faced with a “biological conflict shock”.

Once all the online presentations have been completed, the participants are invited to join our Practitioner Workshops where they learn how to apply the Five Biological Laws in their practice under the direction of Ilsedora Laker. Ms. Laker is the most experienced GNM consultant in North America and has 24 years practical experience using the GNM with her clients from all over the globe.

These “hands on” workshops are ongoing and are available on a yearly basis in Toronto for people interested in using the GNM in their practice.
Each workshop is unique and the student learns practical application of the GNM with each case study. The prerequisite to attend these workshops is completion of the currently available GNM seminars taken with either Ilsedora Laker or Dr. Douglas Price.

All GNM courses are designed and created by Ilsedora Laker and are taught according to her specifications.
Our Practitioner Workshops are open only to students that have participated in our GNM courses. We are unable to accept participants that have taken courses with unqualified teachers.