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Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves, a GNM history lesson

I honestly don’t know what it is about the GNM that attracts people like Caroline Markolin, Johannes Fisslinger, Gilbert Renaud, Andres Perez and now a Romanian doctor named Iustin Loiseau (who also goes by the name of Justin Lois).

Each of these people have taken advantage of Dr. Hamer’s intellectual property and have somehow managed to capitalize on it without any further thought of first asking permission or making any attempt to give back to the man who discovered the GNM and so generously gave it to the world. The only thing Dr. Hamer asks in return is that you buy his books, spread the word and support him in what he has discovered.

When we buy Dr. Hamer’s publications we also give back to Dr. Hamer. He cannot make a living in his present circumstances and has to rely on donation’s to support his research as well as a small pension. He is now 80 years old. All proceeds from what I sell on my web site goes back to Dr. Hamer. That includes 100% of the DVD sales plus a large portion of the fees I charge for the webinars.

If anyone wishes to donate to Dr. Hamer it can be done through this link on Dr. Hamer’s web site: http://drrykegeerdhamer.com/de/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=382&Itemid=79

Instead of giving back to Dr. Hamer, Markolin, Fisslinger and Perez who works in the Spanish community, along with Renaud have all adulterated his research and capitalized from it one way or the other. By ”adulterated”, I refer to the fact that they either change to suit the way they understand the GNM or add their “two bits” to it for lack of information. In other words they speculate rather than rely on empirical research.

The problem of course stems back to the fact that they do not understand the pure biology of the physical reaction when someone has a DHS (shock) and lump the GNM into the category of “mind body medicine”. That gives them the opportunity to speculate.

Obviously Dr. Hamer has not placed ALL the information on his “Scientific Chart” and people like that make their own stuff up to make themselves look like experts at the expense of the patient who is looking for help. I don’t have to remind you that if one does not find the exact conflict and the related tracks we do not get results.

Let’s begin with Gilbert Renaud who is a second generation student of Dr. Claude Sabbah who took seminars with Dr. Hamer in France in the 1980’s. There was no Internet in those days so there was a virtual “free for all”. Sabbah laid claim to the then existing “four biological laws” and brazenly lied saying that Hamer stole it from him! Eventually in the 90’s he claimed that Hamer was dead!

Then came the Internet and he had to own up to his lies. Meanwhile he built an empire and a following based again on “his” speculation as to the origin of disease. Only his variation of the theme involved biogeniology claiming that one’s ancestors were responsible for the disease a person developed. He ignored the first biological law, and that was that the patient needed to have a DHS in his own experience in order to develop a health condition.

A few years ago, Sabbah had a stroke and stopped teaching. Enter Gilbert Renaud who took over his students and renamed what Sabbah called “Total Biology” and began to call it “Recall Healing”.

When Fisslinger first came on the scene he actually came on with a bang by claiming to have started a GNM College where Dr. Hamer’s system was taught on a high diploma level which also included the analysis of brain CTs! Dr. Hamer had actually only met Fisslinger briefly when he took a seminar with Dr. Hamer……does this sound familiar? At that time he was also operating his “college” from the back room of a little crystal shop near LA.

When I exposed Fisslinger’s web site, doctor Hamer was shocked because Fisslinger made himself look like he was directly working with Dr. Hamer. Again does this sound familiar? At the time that I found what Fisslinger was doing, Dr. Hamer was teaching a seminar in Spain and he mentioned this to the attending students. He was shocked to discover that Fisslinger’s sister was attending that very seminar gleaning as much information from “source” as possible.

After Fisslinger was exposed, Dr. Hamer was forced to copyright his existing work. Unfortunately in order to copyright his intellectual property, he also had to change the name of his brain child from “New Medicine” to “German/ Germanic New Medicine” simply because a copyright in the original name was “disallowed”. Why it was disallowed was never explained.

One year later Fisslinger resurfaced under the name of Meta-Medicine which has now transformed into Meta-Healing, and at that time did NOT acknowledge that what he was “selling” to people was based on the intellectual property of Dr. Hamer.

He made no reference to him whatsoever. This went on for a few years while he built his empire. Very similar to what Sabbah did.

However, now he has no choice but to verify he has used the GNM as a foundation of what he teaches. The problem is that he is also selling a lot of misinformation based on his personal speculation not empirical research based material. They have also used Dr. Hamer’s diagrams and altered them to avoid copyright infringements.

So guess what Caroline Markolin has done? The only thing is she did it a little differently, first she makes it appear like she is directly associated with Dr. Hamer and then she claims to “distance herself” again for the “greater good” and to forge ahead to bring forth the GNM to the world. Very clever!

In 2011 someone sent me an e-mail asking about something that Markolin posted wondering if it was true. Markolin stated on her web site that she was leaving Canada to move back to Europe where she could be “closer” to him in order to work with him on a “Mega GNM Project”.

This was her biggest mistake because I asked Dr. Hamer about this mega GNM project and he knew nothing about it!

Dr. Hamer disclosed that he did not have ANY contact with Markolin for a few years. Apparently he was offended by the DVDs she was selling calling them a “poor representation of his work” and that’s when the communication stopped. That speaks volumes.

This is also when we began to investigate her lies. It was also at that point she began to attack me in order to “get rid of the competition”.

My goodness, this all sounds like a soap opera! The unfortunate thing is that this is all true!

So, what about Perez and Loiseau? They entered on the GNM scene relatively recently in the GNM history. Perez claims to be an expert in GNM and again has had no formal training with Dr. Hamer.

He has taken it upon himself to expand the Scientific Chart, again based on speculation not hard core empirical evidence. He has a big following in the Spanish community where they lap up the BS just like the followers of Sabbah, Renaud and Fisslinger.

My biggest issue with this person is the fact that he has made available downloads in Spanish of Dr. Hamer’s chart and various books for free! The reason he gets away with it is because Dr. Hamer does not have the funds to take him to court over it. Talk about opportunism!

The most recent person to misrepresent himself in the GNM world comes from Romania. This fellow also calls himself a doctor, or rather he claims to be. If you look at his picture, he looks more to be of the age of a high school student. Obviously he is looking to make his mark in Romania as well as Germany as a teacher and GNM practitioner. He has NO experience whatsoever.

So what has he done? Well this is quite outrageous. He is claiming to be a “graduate of the University of Sandefjord” which never got off the ground! The Ministry of Education in Norway forbade Dr. Hamer to continue operating under this name in May 2015 and forced him to shut down his University of Sandefjord web site or face prosecution.

Of course I asked Loiseau to produce his diploma, not just for me but also for Dr. Hamer and what he forwarded was a “certificate of participation” where he attended one week of seminars with Helmut Pilhar. Talk about misrepresentation!

The song title  “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves” comes to mind.