GNM book review

Hamer A critical look at healthcare by Mark Hanley

The cover of this paperback incorporates 3 vertical stripes in the 3 colours that Dr. Hamer uses to correlate the embryonic germ layers and conflict types – implying the book is “GNM literate”.
It is not GNM-literate – what it appears to be is a regurgitation of bits of GNM information obtained from various sources interspersed with conventional understanding and facts which makes for a very confusing and disjointed read.

Relaying GNM information

The author authoritatively relays GNM information without an accurate understanding of how laterality can influence the unique scenario – potentially leading the reader astray.
The author states that he has an incomplete understanding of Dr. Hamer’s work. It defies logic that he then writes a book and quotes GNM understanding which clearly is not always accurate – this to my mind is dangerous.

The author gives the lack of English texts on “this subject” as the reason for writing the book. I would speculate that this “lack” provided an opportunity for a topic for a book that would fill a gap in the market.

Dr. Hamer’s work is devoid of hypotheses

There is a sentence in the book: “GNM has only enjoyed the benefit of a small amount of research years, and most of them from a single man, Dr. Hamer, versus the millions of person-years of research behind each of the mainstream and ancient paradigms; there is still much to learn.”
Dr. Hamer’s work is devoid of hypotheses as compared to “the millions of person-years of research” referred to in this sentence. I would have a higher regard for DR. Hamer’s “small amount of research years” versus what else has been inaccurately communicated to humanity before Dr. Hamer enlightened us.
The author does not have an understanding of GNM in clinical practice – so important to have when imparting GNM understanding to others.


This is not a body of work I would recommend to anyone keen to explore GNM.