Curly boy in headphones screaming with eyes closed on blue background.

Listening to some music hertz

I have to say, I believe I’ve used up all my “hertz” puns for this blog series. However, the way I am using the word hertz in relation to music is absolutely true. Some music does hurt us.

If we look at the 20th century and the massive changes there were in music, some good some not so good, but for the most part, as long as music remains pleasant to listen to, it has a positive effect on our psyche.

There have been many studies done with respect to the effects of music on the brain and all conclude that music affects us “somehow”, and the somehow is determined by various factors which include, repetition, rhythm, structure and whether it is composed in a major (positive) or minor (negative) key or if it is dissonant (negative) or tonal (positive).

It has been well documented that music can make us sad, happy, agitated or relaxed and in some cases are even capable of inciting crowds.

Personally, Mozart is my favorite composer and I love listening to his compositions while I am working on a project. It seems to help my creativity. The “Mozart effect” has also been scientifically observed to change brain waves to the point of helping patients control epileptic seizures and increasing our capacity to learn.

When I want to work at a steady pace, I listen to Bach’s music. His compositions are very organized and my brain relaxes right into what I am doing.  Of course these are my personal observations but I’m sure most people would react the same way.

The thing both composers have in common is that their music is structured the same way, and by structure I am referring to the fact that they are a musical and mathematical expression of the 2ndbiological law, The Law of Two Phases”. Please refer to my first blog on this subject, “Music Soothes the Soul”.

In my previous blog, “Where does it hertz”, I explained that the vibration of music was purposely changed in 1939, but the question is now that we know about it, can we do something about it?

The answer is yes and I must also tell you that this is literally the first time in history that we can do something about it.

When I began to research the effects of music played and recorded at 432 HZ in contrast to 440 HZ I also came across some web sites that offered a program that can be downloaded to convert all recorded music back to 432! BUT, and this is an important fact, as soon as it is uploaded to your ipad, or iphone, the itunes program reverts it all back to 440 HZ!

It does not revert back to 440 HZ on android phones or ordinary MP3 players. However, there is a solution. Mac does offer an APP that can be downloaded to their devices that will not allow music previously converted to 432 HZ revert back to 440.

Dr. Hamer became aware of the 440 HZ issue not long after he had his song “Mein Studentenmaedchen” recorded by a choir, and although he tried to rectify the problem all he encountered were problems. To remedy the situation he recorded himself singing his own song with cello accompaniment the same way he would have sung it for his wife, at the natural 432 HZ.

He suggests that anyone that wishes to experiment with his song listen to it as many hours as possible day and night. 24 hours is preferable, however he does realize we have busy schedules and are unable to do so unless we are home all the time so if we don’t have time during the day, then we can play it all night long and still experience the positive effects of this music.

He suggests that the choir version is played during the day and his own version with the cello accompaniment is played during the night. Of course it does not need to be played at full blast, it should be played at a level where it is just audible.

Some of my students love hearing Dr. Hamer singing his own song. They call it their “Hamer Lullaby”.

I am happy to provide you with Dr. Hamer’s permission, both recordings of Dr. Hamer’s song as a download, and I also welcome hearing of your personal experiences using Dr. Hamer’s song for the purpose of healing.

“Mein Studentenmaedchen” day time version, download

“Mein Studentenmaedchen” night time version, download