Lymes disease tick bite

Lymes Disease or Syndrome?

Lymes disease is a hot issue in both traditional and alternative medicine. Until recently it was not even considered to be a “disease”.

Like all other so called “infections” the entire topic is highly misunderstood. First we have to appreciate Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the Fourth Biological Law, “The Ontogenetic System of Microbes” where he discovered that all microbes known to man have a biological meaning and a purpose. In fact, they have a “symbiotic” relationship with all life forms.  In other words, they serve a purpose in what we call the “disease process”. It doesn’t matter what kind of microbe we are talking about, whatever they are, they only “take hold” under specific conditions.

First and foremost, the discovery of the Fourth Biological Law tells us that we do not develop ANY kind of disease involving microbes, until we are in the resolution phase, also known as the healing phase in the GNM. That means that any so called “infection” is actually part of our body’s way of healing.

Elisa test

The first time I heard about Lymes disease was about 30 years ago and of course it was all speculation and conventional medicine wanted nothing to do with it, just like Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the Five Biological Laws. However, things have changed at least where Lymes is accepted as a disease and now we hear that practically everyone with a broad range of symptoms is being diagnosed as having been infected with this specific bacteria as a result of having been bitten by a deer tick, even though they admit that the testing methods are inconclusive and unreliable.

As a matter of fact, the testing most often used to diagnose Lymes disease is called the “Elisa test”, the same test to diagnose someone with HIV, which is actually an allergy test! It has nothing to do with finding a bacteria in the patient’s blood stream or in any open wound.

Conventional belief

The conventional belief is that a person becomes infected with a specific Spirochete which is a bacteria known as “Borrelia” and that the immune system as a result begins to attack “self” causing a barrage of symptoms beginning with “flu like” symptoms, along with skin rashes, painful swollen joints, toe fungus, mouth ulcers, mouth fungus, yeast infections, memory loss, brain fog, food allergies and the list goes on and on.

It is even claimed that it is sexually transmittable so now you don’t even need to be bitten by a deer tick to have Lymes disease! It seems that practically everyone that has these symptoms that become chronic and resistant to any kind of treatment falls into the category of Lymes. The problem is that not everyone has the same symptoms!

So what does GNM say about Lymes?

First and foremost, when we look at the symptoms a so called Lymes patient presents, we interpret them as “healing phases”. By healing phase, we mean that the person has resolved a conflict and the body has gone into repair. Yes, repair! If the symptoms don’t run their course within 6 to 8 weeks, then the person has relapsed and they go into a “hanging healing” which is interpreted as a chronic condition. The cause or the temporary relapses could be as a result of a “reminder” or trigger” which in GNM is called a “track”. These tracks affect the subconscious mind (our memory bank) and open the old wound that was caused by the conflict shock (DHS) and prevent us from completely resolving the issue physically and emotionally where we are symptom free. Please refer to my previous blog on “Tracks that trigger” to understand this concept.

No hope in ever recovering?

I have worked with Lymes patients over the years, and I have to say, what they are presented with by their health care practitioner gives little or no hope in ever recovering. I’ve observed in patients that have had a diagnosis of Lymes disease, that their symptoms increase AFTER their diagnosis and their health declines the same way a person with a diagnosis of HIV or cancer declines when they are diagnosed. In other words, they go into “survival mode” and all their symptoms which are healing phase symptoms are compromised because their system goes into fluid retention as a result of this survival mechanism. When this happens we develop more pain and swelling, not to mention that the healing phase is prolonged.

Some patients are also led to believe that they will eventually die horribly with great suffering if they don’t gain control over this so called infection. It’s a bleak prognosis which is all based on speculation and lack of knowledge and understanding of how the body really works and why the individual has those specific symptoms.

In my next blog, I will break down the most common so called Lymes disease symptoms and explain them within the framework of Dr. Hamer’s discovery.