GNM music soothes the soul

Music soothes the soul

Those of you following the GNM may already know that Dr. Hamer has recently directed his attention to music therapy and has written another volume of more than 700 pages on the subject, which also includes his personal research and detailed case histories.

The findings are quite astounding. However, in order for someone to fully understand how and why music works as a therapy, I must give you more background as to how all this began.

Those of you that have already bought a copy of Dr. Giovanna Conti’s book “The Biological Meaning of Music” which is available through my book sales page, know what she discovered is ground breaking not only in music but also in medicine and psychotherapy.

Dr. Conti is a professor of music who through a personal diagnosis of cancer got to know about the GNM, took seminars with Dr. Hamer while he was still teaching in Spain and realized that the second biological law “The Law of the Two Phased Development of all Diseases” actually existed in all music composed pre 20th Century. Post 20th century music became more dissonant and abstract, however in some cases the law of two phases can still be identified.

Dr. Conti began to analyze well known symphonies, Lieder and folk songs and realized that the 2ndbiological law was expressed by the composer in the music he had written. In fact the composer was expressing the DHS, the sympaticotonia, which is the stress phase, right through the first half of the healing phase, the healing crisis and then through to normotonia. This expression is on an exact mathematical formula where the composer was writing about his conflict! This musical formula is not exclusive to known composers with tragic lives. Giovanna discovered that simple folk songs passed from generation to generation were also composed in this format.

Essentially she discovered that musical compositions all contained the 2nd biological law. Once she had disclosed her discovery to Dr. Hamer, he told her that he had also composed a song for the 20thanniversary of his marriage to his wife Sigrid Hamer decades prior to her discovery.

This love song was written by Dr. Hamer 2 years prior to the shooting death of their son Dirk and 5 years before Dr. Hamer’s discovery of the first biological law “The Iron rule of Cancer” and what astounded Dr. Conti was that Dr. Hamer’s song was the actual template for the 2nd biological law in an exact mathematical formula that he expressed in this love song to his wife.

The song is called “Mein Studentenmaedchen” (My Student Girl) and was recorded by a choir not long after the discovery. Dr. Hamer made the song available on DVD with his first publication expanding on the Conti discovery in “Die Archaischen Melodien” (The Archaic Melodies).

The book was purchased through Dr. Hamer’s online shop by a gentleman with a 7 year old daughter who had been suffering with chronic bronchitis for many months.

When this little girl heard her father playing the DVD of Dr. Hamer’s song, she asked to borrow it and kept playing it nonstop. In less than a week, the little girl’s bronchial symptoms abated and she made a full recovery.

It was through this particular case that Dr. Hamer realized how valuable music was in helping people to “get over the hump” from what we call a “hanging healing”, meaning a chronic illness, to full recovery in a very short time. This was the beginning of his “official” research applying music therapy using the template “Mein Studentenmaedchen”.

Dr. Hamer now has hundreds of cases proving that music therapy can be used to help adults, children, infants and animals heal from almost all illnesses.

In my next blog, I will give more information about how and why music therapy using this musical formula helps our bodies to heal.