blind leading blind

The Blind Leading the Blind

As I’m sitting in the plane on my way back from Germany where I just spent a few days to attend a birthday celebration for Dr. Hamer at his grave site, I’m reflecting on everything that has happened over the last 10 months since his passing.

It seems that it’s all unfolding the way I predicted. It’s a “free for all” where the GNM is concerned. I’m all for spreading the word, but unfortunately the perpetrators are nothing short of opportunists and con artists with very little knowledge.

One of the more recent of these opportunists a “Dr.” Melissa Sell has flooded Youtube with short videos on GNM just to attract attention to herself. The unfortunate thing is that no one in the legitimate GNM world knows who she is or where she got her “education” in this field.

From what I gather from her videos all she has done is glean bits and pieces from the Internet and then proceeds to read off from Dr. Hamer’s Scientific Chart to try to explain the disease process and then puts herself out as an authority. The problem with doing that is the amount of misinformation there is out there regarding the GNM. You really can’t trust anything.

To top it off she also has a couple of Facebook pages where she has set herself up as a “GNM support group” for a monthly fee conning people into believing that she’s a capable therapist.

For a short while she was a member of our official German New Medicine UK Facebook page. However as soon as it became apparent that she was using my FB page to create a presence and divert attention to herself I quickly booted her off. We don’t tolerate charlatans.

Honestly I don’t know where these people get the nerve to misrepresent themselves as someone with credibility in this field. Do they even understand what it takes to support a cancer patient that has chosen to embrace this way of healing? It’s highly doubtful.

Having worked with clients for 25 years exclusively with the GNM I know what it takes to keep a cancer patient on track. It’s not just a matter of saying “don’t worry you’re in the healing phase”, because a cancer patient can go into panic at any given moment and all kinds of complications can develop just out of that panic.

Does Ms. Sell understand this? I highly doubt it because she’s a “newbie” in this field and it takes years for a GNM student to really grasp how this works in every given disease state.

This person calls herself a “doctor” which to someone dealing with cancer makes them believe that they have some credibility and a solid base of knowledge, which in this case is a blatant misrepresentation of what her actual background is. To find that out you really need to dig deep into her website before it becomes apparent that she’s is a chiropractor.

A good example of this kind of arrogance actually comes from Caroline Markolin another “doctor” (in this case a Phd in German literature) who is another self-designated expert on the GNM and this only after a week of seminars with Dr. Hamer about 16 years ago.

I was shocked when a cancer patient consulted with her recently to try to understand the nature of his testicular cancer and when she attempted to explain to him what Dr. Hamer discovered she said “don’t worry the testicle will grow back”. Needless to say the patient was not impressed. He was already more informed than she was!

In all honesty I can’t fathom what she was saying because this person’s particular cancer was a testicular teratoma which begins to develop during the conflict active phase, further proof that even after so many years she still hasn’t a clue.

Then around the same time, another cohort of Markolin’s, Andie Locke Mears put herself out there with some courses in GNM. This time her slant on things involves remedies (another marketing tool that has nothing to do with GNM) but unfortunately after having listened to what she says in her videos, she’s way off the mark where GNM is concerned. Again, her information comes through Markolin’s courses so there are bound to be errors.

Then there is Neal Smookler, another very inexperienced “newbie” who is charging exorbitant fees and trying to get clients to commit to 3 hours of consultation while he is putting himself out there as a “German New Medicine doctor”. Yes you heard right! Of course there is no such thing! Again he is a chiropractor and worked in Alphabiotics where he also had a reputation for charging exorbitant fees.

More recently I saw he is claiming to be “principle consultant at German New Medicine Studies Toronto”! I’m sorry that is just a blatant lie. Here he’s implying that there is a school in Toronto where he is a “principle consultant”. It just never ends.

Now getting back to this Melissa character, I found out last week that she has gone as far as to “gift” people with Dr. Hamer’s “lullaby” who sign on with her. I have to say this is absolutely shameless because there is copyright on his song and it is NOT hers to gift.

As a matter of fact Dr. Hamer personally allowed me to make it available to my students and clients to further continue his research on music therapy.  Obviously this is not what she is doing nor could she be capable of doing such a thing. Instead she “gives it away” to people who pay for her services!

It has become quite obvious that these people do not honor Dr. Hamer and his ground breaking research, but instead they honor only themselves and are quite willing to sacrifice the accuracy of his research to elevate themselves in the GNM world. The “self- designated” title of “German New Medicine doctor” speaks volumes of how far these people will go to attract attention to themselves. These are the charlatans that give the GNM a bad reputation.

So dear friends, please be careful who you deal with when looking for help through the GNM. When in doubt please place an enquiry through my web site and we will direct you to the most trusted GNM consultants in your province, state or country.