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The body speaks

When I first heard Dr. Hamer’s lecture on “The New Medicine” in 1992 I realized that what we know as disease, is the body expressing an experience on the physical level.

In fact the body is speaking to us through our symptoms. Most of our daily physical symptoms can be understood to be an expression of our experience, an experience that involved a DHS.

Since we now have Dr. Hamer’s meticulous research we also have the opportunity to decipher our daily aches and pains by understanding the origin and the experience that is related to it and very quickly alleviate symptoms.

For example:

If we develop an itchy skin rash, in the GNM we already know that this is a healing phase of a separation conflict that is affecting the outer skin (epithelium).
This could also be as the result of a track that we have been exposed to such as a food or possibly something that was put on the skin that caused this reaction.

This is what we commonly call an allergy. By understanding the moment in time our brains “associated” the food or the substance to the DHS that involved the separation, the symptoms disappear quickly.

Another example:

Just recently someone came to me with the sudden onset of right knee pain. This person was a right hander which means that in the case of the right knee, this can be his “leading leg” meaning that his right leg initiates forward movement. It can also refer to a partner relationship. In this case it was both!
A week prior to the onset of the knee pain, his partner lost consciousness and was whisked away by an ambulance. He wanted to go in the ambulance with her but was forbidden to do so by the attendant.

He was also unable to see her on arrival at emergency and for him the waiting was unbearable until the doctor came to see him and said she was fine and that they were doing tests to determine why she fainted.

A week later when the tests concluded this was a “transient episode” and they were unable to find a pathology, the knee pain developed. In other words, all was well again in his life.

What I found interesting in all of this is that while he was sitting in my office his knee pain already began to alleviate although Dr. Hamer observed that in the case of this kind of inflammation that pain can last 6-8 weeks and yet this incident occurred only 4 weeks ago!

Holding onto stress

It never ceases to astound me how much stress we “hold” in our bodies until the moment in time the cause is acknowledged.

Sometimes we have a different sets of symptoms occurring at the same time that are seemingly unrelated. By breaking down each symptom we can get a good idea of the exact kind of emotional response we experienced at the DHS.

Then we have what are known as “syndromes” which are not truly called diseases because of the different symptoms the patient experiences, which from the physical standpoint even conventional medicine sees as unrelated but has tried to explain away under the heading of “auto-immune” disease.

Of course in the GNM, there is no such thing as the individual’s own immune system attacking itself. “Blatant nonsense” as Dr. Hamer says.

The Immune system

First we have to really understand how the so called immune system works. It is primarily set up to combat “foreign invaders”. In other words it recognizes and reacts to something that is “non self”. In which case we have to ask why all of a sudden it is supposed to attack “self”? It just doesn’t make sense within the context of the GNM.
Without offering any other kind of explanation, we are told that this must be a mistake of nature. However we now understand through the new natural science Dr. Hamer has discovered that it is not nature that has made the mistakes, it is us that have made the mistake in interpreting nature.

These so called immune reactions occur only during healing phases. They never occur during conflict activity. Our immune system stays perfectly strong during this first phase. This first phase is also when microbes will proliferate in our systems.

Microbes proliferate only during conflict activity and are “set into motion” when the conflict is solved. That is the moment when the immune system steps back and allows the microbial activity to take place.

Understanding this, does it make sense that our immune system is capable of attacking “self” for no apparent reason except that it made a mistake?

Just by knowing The Five Biological Laws and in particular The Law of Two Phases, we can now make sense of all so called diseases including cancers, Lupis, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and HIV to name a few, that come under the heading of “auto-immune”.

When you get to be my age, the body has a lot to say! Luckily for me, I have learned to decipher its language.