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The Dream

When Dr. Hamer developed testicular cancer so close to the death of his son, it seemed plausible to him that this event in his life had something to do with the onset of his cancer.

After many discussions with his wife, who was also a physician, he concluded that it could only have been that particular event that was responsible for his testicular cancer. He decided that as soon as the opportunity presented itself, he would investigate this possibility further with other cancer patients.

The prince’s vendetta against Dr. Hamer and his family made life in Rome very difficult for them. It seemed that the prince used his influence everywhere. Finally, in 1981 Dr. Hamer was offered the position of chief internist at a cancer clinic affiliated with the University of Munich in Germany. When he accepted the position he already intended to ask the patients in his care if they remembered having a shock in their lives preceding the onset of their cancer. He mentioned to me once during a discussion, “I’m sure the Italians were happy to see the back of me!”.

In Munich after examining 170 patients in his care, it became increasingly evident that he was on the right track, however he also admits that he “had help from elsewhere”, but it was not from what we would call a traditional source.

When Dr. Hamer came to the realization that his theory was correct, he said “I felt weak in the knees and had to sit down”. It was at that moment that he had discovered the “Iron Rule of Cancer”.

That very night he had a dream where his son Dirk came to him smiling and said “What you found Geerd is absolutely correct, and I can confirm this because now I know more than you. It was clever the way you figured it out. As a result, there will be a revolution in modern medicine. You may, with my permission make this public, however you have to research further. You haven’t found everything as yet. There are two more important things that you must discover.”

When Dr. Hamer understood the importance of what he had found, he contacted a journalist who had interviewed him for the Italian TV network RAI when he invented his famous “Hamer scalpel”. He told him about his discovery of “Dirk Hamer Syndrome” hoping to get another interview.

Not long after that, Dr. Hamer realized that his enemies had been alerted because the head of the clinic paid him a visit and accused him of “fabricating this system just so that he could hold the prince accountable for the onset of his cancer”. His superior also admitted to having conversations with the president of the “Cancer Help” organization and a medical professor who both suggested that Dr. Hamer be dismissed from his post. Furthermore, Dr. Hamer was banned from the cafeteria to prevent him from discussions with his colleagues “in case they agreed that his discovery was sound”.

Realizing that his contract would soon be terminated, Dr. Hamer worked furiously to piece the puzzle together. During this time he found the conflict origin of breast cancer, fallopian tube cancer and also cervical cancer, and here he realized that specific conflicts always developed into the same kind of cancer. Again he became weak in the knees because it was so logical. It stood all of medicine on its head.

That night Dirk came to him in his dream and said “Geerd, you really surprised me at how quickly you figured it out! But, there’s one more piece of the puzzle, then you will have it. You can’t give up now you have to keep looking. I’m sure you will find it.”

Dr. Hamer continued at a feverish pace. He needed to know what Dirk meant. As he forged on he came to the realization that every disease ran its course the same way. He evaluated not just his new cases but also re-evaluated his old cases with this new set of criteria. He came to realize what “sleeping or dormant carcinomas” were all about. His colleagues thought he was out of his mind when he told them of his revelation.

Time was of the essence, Dr. Hamer’s position had been terminated and he worked furiously day and night to put all the pieces together. On his last weekend there, he came to the conclusion that when a patient survived their cancer, their associated conflict had been resolved. The patients who were unable to resolve their conflict died either because their cancer continued to grow or had progressed to another location.

It was quite evident to him at that time that his colleagues could not embrace this discovery because it changed everything. It was easier to call him insane than to try to look at the logic of what he found.

That night, when he realized how conflict controlled cancers Dirk paid him another visit. This time he said “I never thought it was possible that you could find this out so quickly. Yes it is correct. Now you have it figured out.”

This was when Dr. Hamer realized that he had discovered the second biological law, the “Law of the Two Phased Development of all Diseases”. Without knowledge of this law, we cannot understand the disease process.

When he had confirmation from Dirk, all possible doubts were erased from his mind and he found the courage to go public with his discovery. Needless to say there were many more challenges to come.

What Dr. Hamer discovered over the next 35 years is vast, mind boggling to most, and threatening to his enemies because they could lose credibility in their professional lives.

It was much easier to call Dr. Hamer insane, unstable, and some called him a murderer. When in fact, had traditional medicine embraced his discovery millions of lives could have been saved if only the patient understood the five biological laws.

When Dr. Hamer was arrested and prosecuted in Germany for “practicing medicine without a license”, the authorities seized his files going back 10 years. They were looking for a way to disprove his discovery. Instead when they investigated, they found that after 10 years, almost 90% of his cases, 6000 out of 6500, were still living. Half of those patients had traditional treatment. That in itself is astounding because in 1997, surviving a cancer diagnosis with only traditional treatment for 10 years was practically unheard of.

The judge refused to allow that information into evidence to support Dr. Hamer’s defense at the proceedings against him. He also refused to allow 8000 testimonies from patients participating in Dr. Hamer’s research.

None of that information was made public. It took the high court of Europe in The Hague to see that Dr. Hamer was unjustly charged, prosecuted and imprisoned and thankfully released him after serving a difficult 18 months which included solitary confinement.

Dr. Hamer, from the moment of Dirks shooting faced an extraordinary amount of challenges both professionally and personally. Although his research is empirical and not based on theory it was constantly rejected by his Alma Mater the University of Tuebingen even though it was never FORMALLY verified. Instead they chose to verify it behind closed doors and decided keep it from the general public.

Of course, this decision came from “higher up” and they had to comply.