The Iron Rule – Part IV


May 9th, 2020

There is so much happening at the moment that it is difficult to fathom, never mind digest it. However before I continue I have to make a few things clear so that you really understand what is going on and how long this has been planned.

People that don’t understand the Five Biological Laws but do realize there is way more being orchestrated than “containing” a seasonal flu seem to be awakening to the fact that there is a global agenda but strictly relating to bringing down the economies of the G8 Industrialized Nations.

As you can imagine I research everything to avoid any kind of speculation or to be accused of “inciting” anyone.

I will give you the facts and then you can decide for yourselves what is happening and how this will ultimately affect us.

I believe most of you already realize that Bill Gates is a central character in all of this but the question is why. He is involved on so many levels that we might as well just call him the “Supreme Leader” and be done with it.

How he came to be in such an “exalted” position is simply because he is the second richest man in the world and has literally bought everyone off to push his own agenda. This includes the WHO and John Hopkins University who receive billions of dollars in grants from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These are just two of the main organizations responsible for pushing compulsory vaccinations on the entire planet.

In case you didn’t know, there are 3 categories of vaccinations.

Voluntary vaccinations are the ones directed at anyone worried about getting the flu, or pneumonia.

Mandatory vaccinations are the ones directed at school children such as the measles vaccine.

Compulsory vaccinations are the newest category which is intended for the entire population of the planet under the pretense of a pandemic.

This is not speculation. This is the agenda of Gates and the WHO . A press conference was held recently where the WHO representative stated that it was imperative to now go from home to home testing each member of the family for COVID-19 because “they” speculated that the virus “is no longer on the streets but has now landed in the home”.

Furthermore he declared that to “control” this, that any individual that tested positive will be “removed from their home” and put into quarantine until such a time that that they no longer test positive.

Excuse me? They are using a testing method with an 80% false positive outcome!

Of course all this is based on what Gates has dictated which is that “life will not go back to normal until everyone on the planet has been vaccinated”.

How frightening is that?

It is an established fact that Gates is a supporter of population control and that his “choice” of birth control has been sterilizing children in third world countries though vaccinations. However it goes beyond just this intention. He has also been instrumental in selling the vaccines to these countries under the disguise of creating a better life for their population, but at their expense.

Human testing

Currently India is engaged in holding Gates accountable for the deaths of hundreds of young girls that received the HPV vaccination to immunize them against cervical cancer. These vaccinations fall  into the category of human testing because so many young girls became seriously ill and died shortly thereafter.

Of course in the GNM we know that there is no virus responsible for a cancer. However the rest of the world has not caught up to this way of thinking so they have been subject to allowing themselves to become lab rats at the expense of their children.

Let’s face it since mass vaccinations began, there have been thousands of victims that became paralyzed, or seriously ill and died when the contents of these vaccinations poisoned them with “raw” genetic materials and heavy metals. No one questions this, however if they do, the pharmaceutical companies responsible for making them are protected by law from any kind of law suits in the USA.

Since all this pandemic hype began, Gates has also been very busy giving interviews to the media that sit in his pocket selling people on the benefits of having specific kinds of inoculations involving nano ID chipping and tattoos under the disguise of this COVID-19 pandemic. After all it is for our safety and protection. He says this with a smile.

Of course he wants to inoculate the entire population of the planet, not once but twice as soon as the vaccine is ready which could be in a matter of weeks.

On top of the recent announcement by the WHO that they suggest in home testing, it was just announced by Ventura County in California that they are hiring and training people to go from house to house and test everyone for COVID-19 and should a family member test positive they will be removed from their home and put into a quarantine facility until they no longer test positive! The age or gender of the individual doesn’t matter.

What is more disconcerting is that Bill # H.R 748 of the CARES Act was introduced into US Congress January 24th 2019 and was passed March 27, 2020 outlining the provisions for the coronavirus outbreak. The most important thing to note here is that it was proposed one year prior to the so called coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

It states “This bill responds to the COVID-19 (i.e. coronavirus disease 2019) outbreak and its impact on the economy, public health etc. etc. For all the information please go to and you can read the details for yourself.

If you look at the bill under Subpart B—Support for Health Care Providers in (Sec. 3216), it states “This section authorizes the reassignment of the members of the National Health Services Corps to provide health care services at alternative sites in response to a public health emergency, subject to the voluntary agreement of the corps members and other specified restrictions”.

That very broadly says they can test you ANYWHERE! Of course Americans have already taken advantage of drive through testing locations. However this is so broad that it can include your home if they so choose and apparently Ventura County chooses to test you at your home.

I guess you better start packing a bag in case you test positive.

It shows us that this has been meticulously planned for a very long time and that their agenda is becoming clearer and clearer.


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