The Iron Rule – Part VII

May 29th2020

While we were sleeping

For those of you that don’t know what 5G (fifth generation) refers to we are talking about the latest Wifi technology advertised as the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” that is now being implemented to increase the speed to stream videos, to power driverless cars, and to give you immediate gratification to download songs, videos, and games to your smart phones.

Yes it all sounds wonderful, but at what expense?

Simultaneously with the announcement of a global pandemic in February of this year, 5G towers have been erected silently across the globe. Personally I have witnessed 10 new towers go up within the last few weeks  in my area within a short driving distance along one route that took 5 minutes to get to my destination.

I have to say, for me it is a scary business because of what I already know about the effects of Wifi along with simultaneous biological conflict activity on the human body.

Before I explain the effects of 5G radiation, you need to know a few facts that will help you to understand how important it will be to protect yourself from this level of radiation.

No research

While I was looking for more information on  5G technology I came across a video made October 2019 from Frank Clegg who is the former President of Microsoft Canada warning us of the high levels of radiation exposure associated with 5G and that there has not been any research from the tech industry that is supporting this wireless technology. It looks like the technology is being “rolled out” regardless of consequences.

Apparently more than 230 scientists have written to the United Nations and the WHO asking the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) the “regulator” of all wireless devices and products, to provide evidence of safety. To date none has been provided.

In 2012 the renowned British physicist that worked for the British government in the Microwave Warfare establishment in the 1960’s, took it upon himself to write to parliament representatives and meet with them to discuss the dangers of 3.5G technology. However, at the meeting the representative told him that in no uncertain terms would he look at the file that was sent to him by Trower. He was then dismissed from the meeting.

Trower said at a conference in Birmingham England “this Government, Industry and Government Scientists will be responsible for more deaths (of civilians) in peace time than all the terrorist organizations ever.”

Self – policing

The biggest problem is that the FCC just like the pharmaceutical industry is “self – policing” meaning that they answer to no one and that there is no liability or accountability because the Federal Communications industry is protected under the 1996 Health and Safety Act. That means that no one can sue them.

Apparently their current “guidelines” are 20 years out of date compared to China, Russia, Italy and Switzerland.

In the US alone there are more than 500 lobbyists working in Washington to protect their industry. Of course the same goes for Canada and the UK.

The result is that now we have significant exposure in our homes and schools and it is projected that by 2030 there will be more than 500 billion wireless connected devices which currently amounts to 60 devices per person.

Then of course we have also had legislation to fast track 5G technology regardless of studies indicating that we are also looking at a global health crisis in the very near future as the result.

Mr. Trower’s concern is over the electro-sensitivity of children because they are “physiologically and neurologically immature”. It takes years for the blood brain barrier to form, leaving children more prone to cell leakage from microwave radiation not to mention that their immune systems are not fully developed until they are 18 years of age so their bodies are unable to fight off the effects of radiation poisoning”.

Population control

Since it has already been proven that microwave radiation destroys ovarian and testicular cells, it is inevitable that the current 5G is going to be responsible for sterilizing not only humans but all mammals and all other possible life forms in the world.

Does that mean that we are the last generation to procreate naturally on planet earth? Will humans in our near future be the products of test tubes?

We know that Bill Gates has already been responsible for sterilizing people of child bearing years as well as children through various vaccine programs in third world nations, but in this case we are looking at everyone exposed to wireless technology in the industrialized world.

It has been proposed that once the big 5G towers have been erected smaller ones should be installed on top of every third home in a city, town, village or suburb. The impact on living beings with exposure 24 hours a day 7 days a week is unprecedented.

3.5 G and side effects

However we do have existing evidence that 3.5G, the predecessor to 5G has already caused enormous damage. For example, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, heart palpitations, tinnitus, numbness and tingling, diabetes, certain cancers and infertility are some of the already known effects of the lesser form or radiation we are already being exposed to.

Approximately 15 years ago, a study from Italy made the headlines declaring that they found a link between infertility as well as the development of polycystic ovaries in women as the result of radiation from cell phone exposure. Of course knowing the Five Biological Laws I had to ask Dr. Hamer’s opinion on the matter. To my surprise he agreed that this was possible.

In 2018 the results of the “Ramazzini  Institute” live animal study, located in Italy, confirmed the detrimental effects of Wifi from cellular phones and our other devices using frequencies below FCC guidelines were responsible for cardiac schwanomas, other rare cancers as well as glial brain tumors in rats. These results were confirmed by the “US national Toxicology Program Study” that simultaneously took place over 25 years.

These studies raised the concerns over the wellbeing of people living in close proximity to cell towers.

Radiation and GNM

When I began to understand how it worked it made complete sense to me. Of course in those days I was already immersed in the GNM for more than a decade and realized that a “poison” such as radiation could damage cells the same way conflict activity would.

Let’s look at what has already been found through these studies and try to understand them within the context of GNM.

Effects of wireless radiation

Cell death in the GNM involves a conflict active phase that will “necrotise” or degenerate tissue that is derived from the new mesodermal germ layer. In such cases we don’t have any symptoms other than those of the “sympathicotonic” stress phase.

The mesodermal organs listed in these studies citing cellular damage include the heart muscle (myocardium), the bones including the bone marrow which is responsible for blood production, the ovaries and testes which are responsible for procreation.

The physical effects of cell degeneration where the heart muscle is concerned, involves a weakening of the heart muscle, including an irregular heartbeat, eventual heart valve problems and ultimately congestive heart failure.

In the GNM the heart muscle responds to conflicts in relationships and as a result, the striated musculature of the heart either on the right or the left side necrotises weakening it to the point where if the conflict was of long duration, it would affect the heart rhythm especially on exertion. Should it ever come to a resolution, a heart attack commonly called a myocardial infarct (MI) would occur within 48 hours of resolving the conflict. The longer and more acute the conflict activity goes on, the greater the chance of succumbing to the MI.

Consider that an individual who has conflict activity affecting the heart muscle, would it not be exasperated and amplified by 5G radiation? In which case we are looking at a much higher mortality rate where heart infarcts are concerned.

The bone marrow is responsible for blood production and has already been associated with the negative effects of nuclear radiation in that it has been cited as a cause in the case of leukemia. In the GNM leukemia is a recovery phase.

During the conflict active phase, there are lower than normal red and white cells. That indicates that the bone marrow has been suppressed and possibly damaged. However when the conflict resolves, the white cells will elevate indicating that blood production has started and if someone is diagnosed during the recovery phase that condition is called leukemia.

Consider that if the “pre leukemic” phase is artificially induced through microwave frequencies and the radiation never stops, individuals will eventually die of oxygen deprivation.

3.5G radiation has also been known to cause blood problems in individuals which isn’t surprising because the exposure mimics the conflict activity. If someone has a deep self- devaluation conflict, the microwave frequency radiation will deepen the damage done to the bone marrow. Unfortunately, in such cases there wouldn’t be a recovery phase unless the radiation stops.

Mind control and infertility

One would think that mind control and infertility have nothing to do with each other. However, they are linked to a specific frequency 2.4G that was used in the UK a few years ago for the purpose of mind control in order to “make the population docile”. At the same time when testing male sperm, it was found that their sperm count was down by 50%.

What is more disconcerting about the latest technology is that it involves “millimeter waves” which has been used by the Israeli and US military for crowd control. Apparently it causes immediate sensory pain because it penetrates the skin and heats the body very quickly. This technology is called Active Denial Systems (ADS) and implements the use of a bioweapon using antennas directed at crowd control using millimeter waves that has the ability to disintegrate crowds very quickly.

We already know that infertility can be caused by damage to the cells of the ovaries and the testicles which are responsible for sperm production through external means. However, Dr. Hamer discovered that a woman stops menstruating when both ovaries begin to necrotise, she is unable to become pregnant because she has stopped ovulating. In the GNM this is a phenomenon as the result of two “profound loss conflicts” where both ovaries are affected because they, like the heart, also respond to relationships.

From my discussion with Dr. Hamer 15 years ago I understood that the ovaries did not need to experience conflict activity in order to degenerate when there is exposure to radiation and since the testicles are also made from the same kind of cells that is also likely the case.

We already know that another poison, chemotherapy is responsible for infertility in men and women undergoing this treatment. Chemotherapy also mimics the conflict active phase and amplifies any kind of existing stress in the body, in which case it can also be responsible for stimulating the growth of an existing cancer that has not yet gone into the resolution phase.

The research on 3.5G also indicates that it is responsible for neurological and psychiatric problems such as Alzheimer’s and different kinds of dementia which Dr. Hamer discovered are all the result of conflict activity in the cerebrum. That indicates that these issues are also amplified by Wifi radiation.

The bottom line is that if we have any conflict activity going on regardless of whether it is acute, downgraded or long term, exposure to the existing 3.5G is already problematic. God help us when we are exposed to 5G day and night for the rest of our lives.

It is here that we must ask the question, if our government representatives will not even look at or acknowledge the existing research on the dangers of constant radio frequency exposure, what is their agenda?

Is their agenda to depopulate the world using a bogus pandemic as a disguise?

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