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The Special Biological Program SBS/SBP

I know there is a lot of confusion about the abbreviations used in the GNM and I feel it is important that we have some clarity with respect to what they actually mean.

In my last blog, I explained the terminology that we use in the GNM, at least within the second biological law. However, there is more, and those of you that have decided to embrace the GNM also wish to understand the other associated terminology.

The abbreviation SBS can be confusing to people that are unable to understand how it got to that abbreviation from German. It should really be SBP which stands for Special Biological Program. Instead it has been interpreted as “Significant Biological SpecialProgram” which when abbreviated became SBS to accommodate the translator.

Originally, Dr. Hamer called this a “Meaningful Special Biological Program” (MSBP) of nature. A mouthful to be sure, so it really needed to be more concise. I’m sure over time this will all change as we “fine tune” exactly what Dr. Hamer is trying to convey to us and the related new terminology.

So what is this SBP all about? Actually, it is a very significant discovery and it involves the Fifth Biological Law, the “Quintessence”.

The Fifth Biological Law states that every disease known to man, outside of poisoning, is the result of a biological program that is in essence really meant to ensure our survival.

This biological program will be expressed by the body in either the conflict active phase or in the healing phase of a so called disease state.

Dr. Hamer feels that we should not refer to these changes as a disease, but rather as a Special Biological Program that is taking place. However, until the rest of the world is caught up in the new way of thinking, we will still refer to these conditions as a “disease”, otherwise we are in danger of creating an exclusive little club.

Let’s face it if someone has an irritating skin rash and a GNM practitioner told them this was because they had a SBP going on, they would immediately think “this person is really out there” and dismiss anything we have to say. Not to mention that the Biological Meaning in the case of a skin rash is during the conflict active phase goes unnoticed from the physical standpoint. Such a comment would be completely misunderstood unless they had some solid knowledge of GNM.

A good example of a SBP is what we commonly call “fluid retention”. This condition is more common than most people realize. In my practice most of my clients have this condition. Fluid retention is the result of what we call a “Kidney Collecting Tubule” conflict.

This kidney conflict will develop with a DHS that has threatened our survival. The result is fluid retention because our bodies go into “survival mode” where at one time in our evolutionary development it was biologically necessary to retain water to help us to survive.

Since our bodies are comprised mainly of water, when our survival is threatened we can dehydrate. For example, if we somehow get stuck in the middle of a desert, this survival mode will kick in immediately and in an instant we will become thirsty and have a dry mouth and simultaneously we will also retain as much fluid as possible systemically to help us to survive longer under such a life threatening circumstance.

What Dr. Hamer has observed is that as soon as we go into “survival mode” we automatically retain fluid. This explains why when someone has been told that they have a short time to live or are put into either isolation or ICU in the hospital that their ankles swell.

Conventional medicine sees this as the “beginning of the end” because kidney function is compromised, when in fact this is a biological reaction to help us to survive longer. This of course can become very serious if both kidneys are in this survival mode. This is a condition that is commonly known as kidney failure. Within the context of the GNM, that means that in this case we also have two survival conflicts which are affecting both kidneys.

Our bodies speak volumes through the symptoms we experience, so it is imperative that we try to understand what it is telling us in order for us to solve our conflicts to regain our health.