tracks pr reminders that trigger allergies and disease

Tracks that trigger.

Tracks act as triggers or reminders that keep a condition chronic.

Imagine all the elements that we experience at the moment we have a DHS. There are literally billions of bits of information flying at us that very moment. Thankfully not all those bits will register or we would be in trouble!

The bits that do register are the most important bits of information that will serve as tracks or reminders of the conflict shock scenario. It’s these tracks that will activate conflict activity, even if it is only for a few seconds or minutes, it is enough to set us back into sympathicotonia.

Allergic reaction

The most common example would be what we know as an “allergic reaction”. We can develop several kinds of allergies over the course of a lifetime. Allergies can be foods, smells, chemicals, pet hair, pollen, grasses etc. Almost everything in our environment we are exposed to at the moment of a DHS can become a potential allergen.

Conventional medicine believes this is an “immune” reaction without understanding why our system has responded. Allergies can take many forms. Some people develop a rash, other’s may get asthma where someone else might get an immediate digestive reaction.

Why are there so many possibilities?

When we look at it through GNM eyes, we can clearly see that the physical response someone had to an “allergen” is really the body telling us what the conflict was all about.

For example, if someone has a skin rash then we know from the GNM perspective that it has to do with a “separation conflict shock”. If it is digestive, then the biological conflict was about the “morsel” and an “indigestible anger” around the event. If someone develops sinus congestion, it’s something we “smelled” or something that “stank” at the moment we had the DHS.

The kinds of reactions we experience are directly related to what the DHS meant to us at that moment and the allergen was merely a part of the conflict shock scenario.

So how does this actually work if this is not a “malfunction in our immune system”?

First we must understand the second biological law “the law of two phases”. The track opens the pathway on the level of the psyche to the original conflict shock. However, we know that the original conflict has been resolved so almost immediately we go into the first half of the healing phase where we experience inflammation, swelling, rashes etc. In other words the allergic reaction.

The allergic reaction is in fact a healing phase reaction. This all happens within seconds of exposure to the track. Then the reaction must run its course, unless you take something like an antihistamine which is really a chemical that suppresses the healing phase by falsely inducing a pseudo “conflict active” phase or “sympathicotonic state” on the physical level.

So how do we get rid of allergies? It’s relatively simple in principle. We have to find the associated DHS and how that “allergen” fit into the conflict scenario at that moment. In the majority of cases, especially with adults, it is possible to eliminate the response by understanding how the allergen is associated with the unanticipated event.

I’ll talk more about tracks later.