Treatment in the GNM

Treatment in the GNM

The question I am asked the most is what is involved in the treatment in the GNM.

Some people believe that the GNM is about “mind-body medicine”. However that term does it a great injustice.

The discovery of the five biological laws is really more along the lines of a new natural science. For the first time in the history of medicine we can explain the origin of disease and understand that what we interpret as an illness or disease is not a mistake of nature. To find a “cure” we don’t have to try to find a way to manipulate this or that gene to “correct” the problem or even find the miracle drug that will cure cancer once and for all.

The answer to dealing with all of our so called illnesses is within ourselves and understanding what event in our life’s experience gave us the physical response.

Sure, we can use remedies to make ourselves more comfortable and to try an alleviate symptoms, but they are not the cure.

Recognise the biological conflict:

A complete and long lasting healing comes about when we allow the biological conflict shock responsible for the physical condition, to be recognized and understood. Otherwise, even though a condition may have run its course, we can face a relapse if this process remains unacknowledged.

That brings me to the second most asked question and that is, “is the GNM about psychotherapy?” The answer is no. The GNM is not about psychotherapy where the patient just talks about their problem.

There is no therapy involved in the GNM. The treatment process we use is very precise and directed, where we look for the moment in a person’s experience that the biological program was set into motion and the physical body responded.

60% of all of our so called illnesses only occur when the conflict shock is solved

The amazing thing about this particular approach is that when we are dealing with chronic conditions, which are mostly really prolonged healing phases (60% of all of our so called illnesses only occur when the conflict shock is solved), the moment we find the conflict shock a physical shift takes place and in many cases an immediate alleviation of symptoms!

In other cases, if the physical problem is caused by conflict activity, for example a functional problem like MS, or a blood sugar problem, it must pass through the healing phase before healing is completed.

Our approach of the treatment in GNM is not random.

It is directed by what Dr. Hamer discovered to be the exact biological conflict that unleashes these special biological programs of nature. His Scientific Chart helps us to determine what kind of unanticipated situation is responsible for the onset of a so called disease.

Every health concern (outside of poisoning), known to man is caused by a specific kind of biological conflict so the GNM consultant already knows what kind of unanticipated event to look for. This is the treatment in the GNM.