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Why is laterality important?

Most of you that are following my blog already know something about the GNM and what laterality is all about within the context of Dr. Hamer’s findings. However, for those of you that have just discovered this “new way of thinking” the terminology we use must sound very strange indeed. I will begin with “laterality” which really means what your natural handedness is from the moment you are born.

Our handedness is determined literally the moment we are conceived and although we can train ourselves to use the left or right hand, our true “laterality” is really dependent on how our brain is wired.

Most of us, approximately 60% are right handed according to Dr. Hamer. The other 40% are naturally left handers. The problem is that most of us were forced to use our right hands when we first began to learn how to draw or write. As a matter of fact, in the old Catholic school system, the nuns used to make sure that a child would only use it’s right hand to write, and if they refused, would be considered to be in league with the devil!

My parent’s generation found it to be completely unacceptable to use one’s left hand in the performance of tasks. My mother wrote with her right hand although she was born a left hander and many people even today will still follow the old rule rather than use their “strong” hand naturally to write.

Why is it so important to know whether a person is wired as a left or right hander? This was never addressed in medicine prior to the discovery of the Five Biological Laws.

  1. Our handedness will help us to determine the relationship problem that was responsible for certain physical manifestations such as skin conditions, musculo-skeletal problems such as arthritis, and even certain types of cancers such as ovarian, breast, testicular and skin cancers to mention a few. In these cases, our laterality will determine which body side will respond to the conflict.
  2. When we experience a biological conflict specifically in the cerebral cortex, our handedness is going to determine what hemisphere will be affected with the first, second and third conflicts.

To determine a person’s true laterality there are some very simple tests that we can do to confirm this.

The most common way to determine your laterality is to clap your hands together as if you were applauding at a performance, and observe which hand is comfortably on top of the other doing the clapping. However, this method is not always accurate and over time we have had to look in other directions to help us out.

Other good ways to determine a person’s handedness is to ask them to put their feet together and ask them to take a step forward. The foot that initiates the forward step is considered to be the leading foot. In other words, the foot you lead with is the side of the body that is the strongest.

Another test is to ask where one would cradle a baby’s head in their arm. A right hander would naturally cradle a baby’s head in their left arm and a left hander in their right arm and in each case, they would support the baby’s bottom with their “strong” arm.

In all of these tests we look for the spontaneous response. In other words, we look for the response that comes naturally.

There are other ways of course, but too numerous to list in a blog.

Rule: In a right handed person, the left side of the body will respond to issues that are the result of mother/ child problems. The right side of the body will respond to issues with partner.

A left hander will respond with the opposite side of the body.

I’m sure now you understand why it is so important to make sure a person’s laterality is accurate. If it is not accurate, we can look in the wrong direction for the conflict shock and when we are dealing with a serious condition this can be the difference between a person that gets positive results using this system and a person that doesn’t get results.

Fact: No one is truly ambidextrous. Ambidexterity is learned the same way one trains to play an instrument using both hands. I found from my own observations that people who claim to be ambidextrous are really naturally wired as a left hander!

Fact: When identical twins are conceived, one is a left hander and the other is a right hander. They are literally mirror images or each other. Sometimes they will both use the same hand to write, draw or use utensils. This is because one is copying the other!

Fact: From the moment we are conceived our laterality is firmly established. We will always remain either a right or left hander. Nothing will ever change that.