Chart Manual


In my last blog, I spoke about how remedies really work within the framework of the second biological Law, “The Law of Two Phases”. This information isn’t readily available unless you know an experienced GNM consultant.

I do my best to keep my ear to the ground and address what isn’t covered in mainstream areas, and if it is covered, I have to make sure it is correct and authentic, otherwise misinformation is damaging to the integrity of the GNM.

Unfortunately there is a lot of incorrect information on the GNM on the Internet, and for newbies to the GNM it is difficult to discern what they are reading is accurate.

The best source of authentic information is from Dr. Hamer, and of course and the only credible publication we have in the English speaking language is his “Scientific Chart” which outlines specific disease processes within the second biological law.

I must add that Dr. Hamer uses his discretion as to who he allows to distribute his “official” publications because over time he has seen that some sources claiming to be credible and authentic turned out to be the opposite.

“variations” of the Scientific Chart

As I mentioned in my previous blogs, there are many people presenting “variations” of the Scientific Chart because they obviously don’t have all the answers and are filling in the blanks themselves.

Needless to say, that is a big problem because we are looking at finding solutions to some very serious conditions and if the correct conflict-shock is not found, or the conflict context is wrong we won’t get positive results.

Those of you searching for the “Scientific Chart” and other publications approved by Dr. Hamer, can find it here.

If your source of information is from another web site, please be aware what is presented may not be correct.

There are also web sites in various languages, including English that are asking for donations to “further research into the GNM”.

Please be aware, these are not legitimate web sites and none of these donations are going to Dr. Hamer. Instead what is collected goes directly into their own pockets.