How Remedies Really Work

Most people that frequent this web site are supporters of using natural medicine. My background prior to working in the German New Medicine was also in herbalism and nutrition. In those days, no one knew about the discovery of the German New Medicine. However most of us had the question of why we got some positive results from remedies using herbs, detoxing, and nutrition and why we didn’t in other cases.

It wasn’t until I heard recordings of the famous lectures Dr. Hamer gave in Innsbruck in 1989 that I began to understand why. Obviously the missing link was the fact that we need to have a biological shock to get a disease process going in the physical body. However, it didn’t explain why we got some results in some cases and not in others, especially in inflammatory processes.

Specific remedies have specific properties

As I began to explore this further I also realized that specific remedies had specific properties and if they were implemented at the correct time in the disease process they could help in the recovery process. However they can also hinder the recovery process if we are not careful and don’t really understand what we are doing.

Essentially it all boils down to understanding the disease process within the context of the Second Biological Law, “The Law of the Two Phased Development of all Diseases”.

Over time, we groped our way through by trial and error to find the right remedy for specific conditions but still didn’t understand how they work. Now, since Dr. Hamer discovered the Five Biological Laws, we do have much more direction in helping people to be more comfortable during their disease process.

Since a good 80% of our diagnoses are already in the “vagotonia” or “healing phase” of a biological program, this is really where remedies are used. This is not exclusive to natural medicine, it is also used in a similar way by traditional medicine and pharmaceuticals. Again without knowing HOW they work to alleviate symptoms, it is known through trial and error that for the most part they do work.

So what is this secret that Dr. Hamer discovered?

It is relatively simple to understand once you know what happens on the physical level when we are in an active phase of a biological conflict (sympathicotonia) and when we are in the resolution or healing phase of a biological conflict (vagotonia).

During the conflict active phase, in order for us to solve the conflict, we enter into a stress phase which is helped along by a natural elevation of our stress hormones such as cortisol, adrenaline, ACTH as well as thyroxine. This is a biological necessity to help us to solve the conflict. In other words, we go into “high alert” or as some call it, “fight or flight”. Our sleeping pattern also changes and we wake at 3 AM to give us more daytime hours to “work out” the biological conflict.

Dr. Hamer also realized that this is the “cold phase” of the biological process. As a matter of fact, we develop cold extremities during this phase because the stress also affects our circulatory system by constricting our blood vessels.

So, what kind of remedy do we reach for when we are in “fight or flight”?

We reach for something that will bring us down and help us to manage the stress. We reach for sedatives, or perhaps we reach for alcohol.

These substances fall into the category of “vagotonia”. In other words, they have the same properties as the “healing phase” of a biological conflict. How they work is relatively simple to understand.

Without realizing it we are using these vagotonic substances to “weaken” the effects of the stress phase. However, this is not always a good thing because it also prevents us from solving the biological conflict. In other words, we are no longer in the biological state where we feel compelled to look for a solution.


This is particularly dangerous for people that are sensitive to the effects of certain drugs such as opiates or strong sedatives which are highly addictive. These types of substances “suppress” the stress very quickly and when the person tries to come off the sedative, there is a rebound effect, not only on the physical level but also on the level of the emotions they experienced at the moment of the biological shock.

In stark contrast to this, when we enter into the resolution or “healing phase” of a conflict the opposite symptoms occur. In this case, our stress hormones, which for the most part are produced by the adrenal glands go down.

When we enter into this first half of the resolution phase, we feel a sense of relief, we become tired, our appetite increases, we gain weight and we have trouble getting to sleep before 3 AM. Our extremities also become warm again. We are no longer in fight or flight. We are now in the vagotonia or the “rest and digest” phase.

However, and this is a very big however, this is when most of our physical symptoms will appear. It is in this phase that we experience inflammation, fever, swelling, coughs, colds, the flu, allergies, leukemia, lymphomas and 50% of our so called cancer processes. This is not the time to take “vagotonic” substances because they also increase the depth of the healing phase and will aggravate our symptoms.

In these cases, we naturally reach for a completely different set of remedies. Here we actually begin to use stimulants to ease our healing phase symptoms.

Most common stimulants

Our most common stimulants are caffeine and sugar. In other words “pick me ups” such as a sweet coffee or a can of pop which we know are loaded with caffeine and sugar. These simple things can help to offset the effects of healing phases especially when we have a  headache or fatigue or even every day aches and pains.

When we develop a healing phase where we believe we are coming down with a cold or a flu we reach for remedies that we mistakenly believe “boost” our immune system. However, they actually work quite differently from the way we thought they did.

What these remedies really do is “increase” the stress in our bodies so that the effects of the healing phase are diminished. For example, the popular herb, Echinacea falls into this category, as do all other so called immune boosting herbs and substances.

The immune system

To try to put this a simply as possible, without ruffling anyone’s feathers, the immune system doesn’t work the way we originally thought it did…..but that’s a topic for another blog altogether.

Suffice it to say for now, that the immune system is perfectly functional and active when we are in stress. It actually only becomes “deactivated”, for lack of a better term, when we enter into a healing phase of a biological conflict.

Consider that 80% of all our disease processes occur when a conflict is resolved, there has to be a mechanism that will “allow” the inflammatory process to kick in, correct?

This concept completely shatters what traditional and alternative medical practitioners believe with respect to the immune system.

So, if Echinacea is not an immune boosting herb, how does it work? Echinacea is actually a “stimulant” and weakens the effects of the healing phase which helps to diminish or manage the symptoms of the healing phases known as the common cold, flu or even allergies.

Introducing a stimulant

By introducing a stimulant into the system when it is in a healing phase all we are doing is creating an environment that is equal to the stress phase when we did not have any significant physical symptoms.

I think the best way to explain this is by using the example of a steroid, or cortisone which is a synthetic form of cortisol, to manage inflammatory symptoms such as severe arthritic inflammation or an itchy hot skin condition known as eczema.

The key in understanding why it works to relieve these symptoms is to understand that the steroid is a stress hormone, which is produced naturally by the adrenal cortex in the stress phase of a biological conflict. By administering steroids in these inflammatory (hot) conditions of the healing phase, we are in fact inducing a false “sympathicotonic” environment where our symptoms once again are suppressed.

Of course we all know that if we suddenly come off the steroid all our symptoms return. The reason they return is that by “inducing” this false stress phase we also prolong the naturally occurring healing phase symptoms by arresting it not only on the physical level but also on the level of the brain! When we stop taking the stimulant, the (healing) program on the brain resumes.

As a matter of fact, Dr. Hamer discovered that all remedies, regardless of whether they are natural or pharmaceutical in origin, first and foremost affect the brain before they affect the organ!