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Bridging the gap between theory and reality.

The purpose of this blog which is about my personal experiences and observations in the GNM, is to bridge the gap between theory and reality.  I’m sure you are all asking why are there not more people in GNM practice on a level of efficacy. I have concluded the following:

1. The GNM has been presented strictly on a theoretical level by non-practitioners without any experience.

2. Most people studying the GNM feel that their belief system is so challenged by this new way of looking at disease, that they cannot make the transition from their chosen modality to just using the GNM.

3. People trying to put the GNM to practice are not taught the “methodology” to use the GNM properly by the non-practitioners that have been teaching it.  This can be very disheartening.

The question that most people ask is, “OK, I understand the Five Biological Laws, but what is the treatment and how do I go about applying it?”.

What I have observed from the information that is available to the general public through the internet, and other so called practitioners, is that people are led to believe that if you are in the healing phase, they are told ”Don’t worry, be happy and get on with it! Pain is good! You can handle it because it will run its course”, without truly understanding that if the pain is long lasting and extreme then there is something else going on that is responsible for it.

In fact there could be other “conflict active phases” responsible for severe pain and swelling.

Remember, each conflict active phase is initiated by a shock (DHS).

For example, the kidney collecting tubules could be active with one of four possible biological conflicts, an existence conflict, isolation or abandonment conflict or a refugee conflict. They all have one thing in common and that is that each of these situations is experienced as a threat to one’s existence. The moment such a conflict occurs, a very unique survival mechanism begins to affect the system, and that mechanism is “fluid retention”.

In the GNM we call this the “kidney collecting tubule syndrome” KCTS for short and it can compromise any given healing phase going on in the body by increasing the associated swelling in an inflammatory process.
With more inflammation and swelling there is always more pain. With the KCTS the healing phase is also longer and more drawn out. For example, an osteoarthritis which involves inflammation of the joints. These biological healing processes should not last longer than 6-8 weeks. If they have lasted longer, then we have to look at the existence of KCTS.

In the more serious realm, this can also compromise conditions such as pleural effusion (fluid buildup in between the pleural membranes which surround the lungs), pericardial effusion (fluid buildup in the heart sac which surrounds the heart), and ascites (fluid buildup in the abdominal cavity). If there is a KCTS then these conditions can become life threatening.

I have observed that in most cases of serious diagnosis, such as cancers or even conditions like MS that compromise function, the patient immediately develops an “existence” conflict because at that moment, their existence is threatened by the diagnosis!

So how does one deal with getting rid of the KCTS?

In order to resolve or “release” this issue from the psyche, we have to find the moment in time that this biological conflict was initiated by the DHS. Even though the patient in the meantime may have found the GNM and the Five Biological Laws, just knowing the principles is not enough to “get rid of” the KCTS. We have to find the moment in time the patient’s survival was threatened to get the results we are looking for.