The Iron Rule – Part III

Voodoo spell

From my observation and experience in the GNM, when someone is told they will die soon if they “do nothing” they fall under a “voodoo spell” involving their mortality. Every ounce of their being is affected because they are led to believe that their time is limited.

As a result, the patient that was diagnosed with HIV in the 80’s and 90’s declined in health the same way a cancer patient would decline after they had the biological shock of a diagnosis.

There is a similarity between what is going on right now and what went on in the beginning of the so called HIV epidemic and that is that it also began the same way, with the flu leading to pneumonia. The difference being that in the 80’s the target group was the gay community. Now we are all targeted and the big question is why.

In essence HIV patients all died of massive fear leading to cachexia (wasting away) along with guilt, feeling dirty and self–devaluation which all developed into different kinds of symptoms depending on the individuals’ perception at the diagnosis.

They were told that the disease “morphed” and over time attacked the entire immune system. One never knew how it would play out. The patient, unless they were made of stone, was in constant fear of either spreading the disease or succumbing to it. The more fear they had, the faster they became cachexic.

Just last week, a report came across my desk from a pediatrician who claimed that he had found a “new” symptom of COVID-19 called “covid toes” in children. In this report he showed pictures of very young feet with bruising on the toes which were clearly the result of an injury because the skin was also broken. It was evident that these kids were the victims of wearing shoes that were too small for their growing feet!

It’s this kind of fear mongering that is unconscionable because these “professionals” are purposely preying on the lack of knowledge of the ordinary person in hopes of creating more panic and more fear.

For some reason the belief that children under 12 are not in danger of “COVID-19 infection” was adopted right in the beginning. This observation was from the Chinese who questioned why it was only adults that were “infected” with COVID that set the precedence, however someone in the media machine obviously decided that was out of the question.

Now as a result, podiatrists in Canada are claiming that the CV-19 virus is spread through the feet! All I can say is that if people keep buying into this nonsense blindly we will NEVER come out of this nightmare.

The prognosis

If the HIV patient had a diagnosis while healthy and was “asymptomatic” they were given anywhere from 10 to 20 years before they were told they would decline into AIDs. At the same time they were also told that they needed to “be careful” and watch for any symptoms that would indicate that their immune system was “compromised”. If they developed a simple cold, they were told it was because of HIV.

When I began working with HIV patients it became quite evident that their decline in health began exactly when the doctor said it would. If he said 10 years, they would get sick at 10 years. If they said 15 or 20, they would get sick after 15 or 20 years.

I see exactly the same in cancer patients. They begin to decline in health when the doctor proclaimed that they would. The “voodoo spell” that they put the patient under is constantly there and as time ticks along, the subconscious mind calculates how much time is left.

If the HIV patient didn’t decline by the time the doctor said they would, they breathed a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, that is also when the healing phase related to the diagnosis begins and they will develop the dreaded symptoms that they are told are related to AIDs.

When those symptoms appear, the inevitable panic and fear for their existence is also activated and all their healing symptoms become amplified and aggravated. More panic, and more fear.

This is exactly what happens to a cancer patient if the biological “fear of cancer” program which involves the cervical lymph in the neck, is still running when they are given the “all clear”.

It was a test

It seems to me that HIV was a test for what we are experiencing now only then it was on a much smaller scale. The next step up was the so called HIV pandemic in African nations.

Thousands of people were told that they “tested positive” because they didn’t practice safe sex. The implication being if you slept with one person you slept with everyone they had sex with.

In essence this was a fear of being exposed to the HIV virus either through a body fluid, a wound or just by touching an “infected” person.

Do you see the similarity yet?

That’s how the pandemic myth began with HIV and there are still people living today with the stigma of the diagnosis that have never become sick with any so called related auto immune related illness.

Essentially the entire HIV pandemic began with a lie and a test that was so broad that practically anyone that had the inclination to get tested would test positive.

Does this sound familiar?

It seems to me that the criteria to create any kind of pandemic is to announce a new disease with an “unknown factor”, symptoms never seen before that are triggered by the emergence of a phantom virus which can spread quickly through human contact like a simple sneeze, cough or a sexual encounter and then feed the fear and allow the imagination of the public to run rampant.

A bogus testing method that will give massive false positive readings will heighten the fear and spread the panic. According to current observations 80% of the people that tested positive for CV-19 were in fact false positives!

Ladies and gentlemen HIV was a test scenario and the victims passed with flying colours in reacting the way they did. It was likely more than “they” had bargained for.

The repercussions

A much greater level of panic is happening right now with COVID-19. However this is NOT a test, this is not an experiment to see how far they can go with people. “They” know exactly how far they can go with us and as a result, very brazenly and quickly literally overnight, the world has been taken over by a fascist regime disguised as a democracy “for the common good”, all based on an orchestrated phantom virus and a bogus testing method.

The perpetrators of this medical lie knew what they could expect from us, they did their preliminary work beginning 35 years ago, observed the repercussions for two decades and now it was time to implement it with the help of the crooked media and government officials.

To be successful they had to be swift and before we knew what hit us we were under a global state of emergency.

Doctors are being coerced by their health departments to lie on death certificates and are blatantly told to simply write down COVID-19 regardless of the actual cause of death.

Hardly anyone is getting sick during this made up pandemic even though they may have tested positive for CV-19. The overall national death rate is lower than normal, not just in Canada but in most countries and the majority of people that died, at least in Canada were victims in nursing homes that died of neglect as a result of fear of exposure by staff members.

If the resident tested positive and died of a stroke or a heart attack, they were listed as having died of COVID-19. We all know that an individual living in a nursing home has health issues, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

How many of these residents had a flu or pneumonia vaccination?  How many staff member had the flu shot? These are all questions that we must ask and put into perspective to ascertain what is really going on.

The average age of pandemic “victims” remains at 80 years of age. Criminal charges against nursing homes with an extraordinary mortality rate are currently being considered in Canada.

At the same time hospitals remain empty and as a result doctors and nurses are being laid off.

I do wonder if the national death rate is lower because people are afraid to go to the hospital. The reason I ask this is because some years ago when doctors were on strike in Ontario the provincial death rate also decreased.

Draconian measures

More recently Canadian naturopaths are being ordered by their college to close their practice and are forbidden to offer immune boosting treatment to their patients. Personally I find this highly offensive. What is next? Will they ban the sale of immune boosting remedies altogether?

Medical practices are closed and hospitals do not allow family members to be with their loved ones even when at death’s door.

Public places are closed, that includes restaurants. There are no sports, there is no theatre, there are no concerts and people can no longer meet in groups larger than two.

People became unemployed immediately and non-essential businesses are closed and boarded up. We are under lockdown and under martial law.

Every week, there have been more restrictions, every week people comply. Every week there is more panic in people’s faces when they hear about the jacked up and false mortality rate.

People fear touching and speaking to each other just in case there is a transfer of “body fluids” and yet no one is sick from COVID-19. This is normal if you are told by the medical authorities that a CV-19 virus can stay on certain surfaces for up to 30 days!

How is such a statement possible if a virus has never been identified not to mention that this lie was spread at the very beginning of this false pandemic?

In the UK, people are afraid because neighbors are encouraged to tell on them if they leave their house more than once a day. Here in Canada fines are imposed on anyone speaking against their government leaders or spreading “alternative views” or opinions on what is happening.

There is no such thing as freedom of speech without a threat. The fact that a qualified naturopath has been disallowed from prescribing immune boosting remedies is unfathomable.

In Europe, people that saw the truth and spoke up were labeled “a danger to society” and were locked up in a psychiatric ward as they did with a German constitutional lawyer and a Swiss medical doctor speaking up trying to expose this medical lie.

Videos of people speaking the truth are continuously removed from Youtube and Facebook. Big brother is watching and the military is still on standby close to major cities.

Yet, no one is sick from COVID-19, and fewer than usual people had the flu this year.

However an Iron Rule has been imposed on society and although there have been global protests, nothing has changed…and nothing will change until people stop believing that there is and ever was a pandemic.

There is hope, slowly people are awakening from their sleep and are realizing that there is more to this than a so called pandemic.

Massive economic repercussions lie ahead of us and the forecast is bleak with a new depression on the horizon as a result of the global shutdown. In the first 7 weeks of the global shutdown there is already a 25% unemployment rate. It took 3 years into the Great Depression to reach 25%.

I pray that people recognize what happened was an orchestration for governments of the world to assert control and implement emergency laws that will remain in place even “IF” a state of emergency will eventually be lifted. A Draconian era has emerged as a result.

Life as we knew it before this orchestration is gone forever and now we face a new challenge and that is to avoid mass mandatory vaccinations that not only contain heavy metals and neuro toxins but will now carry nano particles along with ID chipping….but that is for blog IV on The Iron Rule that has been imposed on us.

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