The Iron Rule – Part VI

It’s a good thing

I would like to make a list of all the good things that I have noticed happening over the last few years leading up to the current changes in every ones’ lives.

It’s a good thing that Walmart began selling groceries otherwise they would have been closed during the pandemic because they would not have been categorized as an essential business.

It’s a good thing that Loblaw our biggest Canadian grocery chain decided to offer online shopping and curbside pickup 3 years ago.

It’s a good thing that in January 2020 before the pandemic announcement that our local Loblaw foyers were cleared of merchandise so that we can all line up inside when the weather is bad.

It’s a good thing that superstores like Loblaw and Walmart and Home Depot installed self – serve checkouts three years ago otherwise cashiers would have to touch everything including contaminated cash.

It’s a good thing that customized plexi – glass shields were installed in retail store checkouts within two weeks of a pandemic being announced.

It’s a good thing that we no longer have to swipe our credit cards and just tap them when making a purchase.

It’s a good thing we have Amazon so that we never have to leave our homes again to buy something that is not grocery related.

It’s a good thing that Dollarama also stock really cheap groceries otherwise they would have been closed during the pandemic when most people were out of work.

It’s a good thing that the liquor stores are designated as an essential business just like grocery stores which in Ontario as of last year are now also allowed to sell wine and beer so we don’t have to line up at two places!

It’s a good thing that our Prime Minister Trudeau had the foresight to drive through the legalization of Cannabis last year, otherwise my fellow Canadians wouldn’t be so complacent about the pandemic and the restrictions that were imposed on us and perhaps care a little bit more about what is happening.

It’s a good thing we have Android and iPhones with a GPS to track us and keep a record of all our calls, texts and internet searches.

It’s a good thing we have Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin otherwise the government would be in the dark about our private activities and what we really think and do.

It’s a good thing that Social Media and Youtube are censoring the posts exposing the truth, so that people remain ignorant of what is happening.

It’s a good thing that it has become impossible to delete Skype, now owned by Mocrosoft, from your computer or device without causing damage otherwise we wouldn’t be able to “see” our loved ones living in walking distance.

It’s a good thing that General Motors in Oshawa closed a year ago leaving 3500 people without a jobs even though General Motors had a record financial year otherwise they couldn’t use the empty facility to make facial masks as was announced at the beginning of our lockdown in Canada.

It’s a good thing that Canadians are the forerunners globally using debit bank cards, otherwise we would get a shock to our systems when cash is no longer accepted and we are forced to move to a digital currency.

It’s a good thing that the “elite” dumped all their stocks (and bonds which is unheard of) the third week of January otherwise they would have lost a lot of money during the stock market crash caused by the pandemic a few weeks later.

It’s a good thing they haven’t been charged with insider trading.

It’s a good thing all social events including religious worship were shut down otherwise we might plan a revolt.

It’s a good thing the jobless rate is at 25% because that means we can hang around at home and get paid by the government to do nothing including  defaulting on mortgage payments, and not eat food etc.

It’s also a good thing that in the US H.R Bill 748 (the Coronavirus Bill) of the CARES Act was introduced 12 months prior to the announcement of the pandemic in China and passed just before the lockdown.

It’s a good thing that the PCR testing kits that were sent to China at the onset of their coronavirus pandemic were ready to go 6 months earlier.

It’s a good thing that 80% of the people tested were a false positive otherwise no one would have paid attention to the pandemic.

It’s a good thing that each kit costs $230.00 Canadian (150.00 Euros and $165.00 USD) otherwise Big Pharma would have made much less money this year.

…and last but not least it’s a good thing that vaccines to fight covid-19 will contain DNA particles to change our DNA and nano particles so that satellites can track us better, especially when our phones are turned off or if someone figures out a way to hide it from big brother.

Oh and I almost forgot, it’s a good thing that 5G towers are going up everywhere while we are in lockdown as we speak so that they can send out untested microwave and EMF signals of unheard of radio frequencies to the nano particles from the thousands of satellites that have been sent up by Elon Musk to control the population.

It’s a good thing that the tech industry that has created 5G towers is self – policing just like the pharmaceutical companies that create untested vaccines.

It’s a good thing that in 1998 the US passed a law that allowed pharmaceutical companies immunity (pun intended) from any class action law suits regarding reactions to vaccines such as paralysis, epileptic seizures and death directly related to inoculations.

Oh wait…I’m starting to believe the pandemic was planned….nah that’s too hard to believe.

Dear friends, this is the last call to wake up from your sleep. If you don’t do it now, your forever sleep is coming way faster than you ever imagined.

The Iron Rule Part VII