Cozy mossy green forest with warm back-light in the sunset.

Trees for the forest.

I got my first nosebleed the moment I arrived home from conducting my first New Medicine seminar. Of course I realized that it was a healing phase of a conflict that had to do with something or a situation that “stank”.

In those days, I did not have very much experience in the New Medicine and thought that just by understanding the biological conflict that it would stop. No such luck. As a matter of fact, the nosebleeds continued for a few years!

I knew it was difficult to work on “self” and that we can’t see the trees for the forest most times so I had to become very vigilant as to when I had them and what preceded the onset of the nosebleed.

To give you an idea of how I finally got them to stop, I have to explain my own investigative process and observations.

As I already mentioned, my first nosebleed began the moment I got home after conducting my first New Medicine seminar. Of course by that time I was already experienced enough to know that this was somehow connected. But how? I wracked my brains looking for the DHS, but came to no conclusions.

The second nosebleed I experienced was in the car as I was driving home from Niagara Falls where I had been invited to give a lecture on the New Medicine to breast cancer patients.
It was then that I remembered a DHS that I experienced AT that very first New Medicine seminar in 1994.

I was the organizer and responsible for making the entire event a success. After all no one had heard of Dr. Hamer or the New Medicine. There was also no information in English so I translated the entire Disease Chart so that the attendees would at very least have something to work with.

Everyone was appreciative with the exception of the woman that introduced me to Dr. Hamer’s protégé. In fact, I overheard her saying something to the entire group of attendees that shocked me, but in that moment discarded it because I realized this was her jealousy speaking. However, the damage had been done.

The kind of damage that was done did not become evident until 3 years later when I gave my first New Medicine presentation.

Of course, what we are told is that when you find the biological conflict the process should stop, especially if it’s considered to be a “chronic condition” as my nosebleeds became. I knew I was on the right track because I actually had a nosebleed when I was talking about them and what I identified as the DHS during a seminar!

From there on, they seemed to increase, which shouldn’t happen if I had found the DHS right?
I had to understand what it was that I was missing and hope that they would stop. This condition actually continued for a few years until I had a startling realization. But first, I have to tell you the process.

I began to become vigilant as to what preceded the nosebleeds so that I could find the trigger or the “common thread”. This process began when I had a nosebleed for the first time in a situation that was completely unrelated to the original event. Or so I thought.

After a few years, the nosebleeds “morphed” and I would have one immediately after hung up the phone with someone I met many years after the original DHS in 1994. It became so predictable that as soon as I hung up the phone I would immediately head for the powder room because at that moment my nose would begin to bleed!

I just couldn’t put my finger on it. However, I had yet more confirmation the event in 1994 was responsible.

At that time, we still had our office in the city and as I was getting dressed and checked my makeup before leaving, I leaned over the bathroom sink to look in the mirror and my nose started bleeding!

I could not believe it. I had no external triggers. I did not have the TV on, no one had spoken with me so I had to assume that it was a thought that triggered the nosebleed.

I decided to try to go back in my own thought process and realized that a few minutes earlier I was thinking very intensely about the original DHS. Of course that confirmed it for me, but how did this unrelated person fit into it as a trigger?

Time went by, and one evening, my husband and I had an argument and immediately afterwards, I had another nosebleed. At that moment I had the opportunity to understand another component of the conflict shock, and that had to do with how I felt.

I felt “insulted” and that was the common thread even though the scenario and the “players” were different. My nosebleeds originated in 1994 with a DHS where I was and felt insulted.
Understanding this aspect has helped me to understand that the emotion one feels at the DHS can also serve as a “track” or trigger right back into the physical reaction.
In my next blog ‘Tracks that trigger”, I will try to explain how this all works.