For the Record

A very disconcerting e-mail came across my desk from my main web site the other day that began with “to whom life is of no concern” that I feel justifies a blog topic. The person that sent the e-mail obviously was not directing this to me personally but to the GNM in general.

It was disturbing on many levels, firstly because he was issuing a threat when he states, “I will find vengeance for the young life your irresponsibility will soon claim”, secondly because it was written as the result of someone’s pain because he sent this from her bedside at hospice waiting for her to take her last breath, and thirdly, if I read this sentence correctly, “If anyone could have cured her breast cancer through the power of belief, it would have been her” which I take to mean that his wife either tried to heal herself on her own or was not working with a qualified GNM consultant and failed, or she was under the advisement of someone that was not qualified in using the GNM.

Using the terminology “through the power of belief” is indicative that the writer of this email has no understanding of how GNM works or is applied which leaves no ground to point a finger at anyone credible in the GNM community.

The biggest problem we have always faced in the GNM is that some people/ practitioners jump on the bandwagon straight away thinking they know enough about the way it works, without a real understanding or education in the subject, and begin to advise people. On top of that we have web sites making outrageous claims in order to attract people into their practice without having any real clue as to what it takes to work with a client dealing with cancer.

I think it is important to go on the record and perhaps set it straight at the same time and look at the issues that have become challenges for both GNM consultants and their clients.

I have noted over the years that people drawn to the GNM for the most part do not believe in traditional medicine. They are more inclined to take alternative rather than conventional treatment for what ails them and that includes serious illnesses. Needless to say it is a somewhat fanatical approach but there are times when we might need intervention that only conventional treatment can provide in an emergency situation.

I would go as far as to say that when someone feels threatened by conventional medicine this threat can rule their better judgement. For the most part these individuals have had very negative experiences with traditional medicine and look to alternative healing methods regardless of the seriousness of their diagnosis.

In cases such as these, we will find the patient seeking alternative treatment for cancers (if they can afford it) knowing that it does not have any better kind of track record of healing cancers than traditional medicine because they too are working blindly by not understanding the gravity and importance of Dr. Hamer’s discovery in the behavior of cancers. This unfortunately leaves them between a rock and a hard place and feeling very insecure.

Then of course there is the constant little voice inside their head that says “are you doing the right thing” which of course they push aside and refuse to acknowledge. However when that happens they go into “survival mode” and they begin to retain fluid either systemically or in a cavity such as the pleura or peritoneum. This is a sure sign that complications are interfering with a normal healing process.

Regardless of our personal healing philosophy this is human nature and we must pay attention to that little voice because our survival is at risk.

I have heard of situations in the GNM world where a cancer patient read all they could possibly find on the German New Medicine and decided that this was the way to go even without consulting with a reputable practitioner. They actually are led to believe through some GNM web sites that they can “heal themselves” just by understanding the Five Biological Laws. I call this denial.

Dear readers, this is the most dangerous thing we face in the GNM! No one knows better than I in having worked with Dr. Hamer for close to 20 years that the “inner work” we do is the most important thing to prevent any kind of relapse or developing subsequent cancers post diagnosis.

Unfortunately some web sites pontificate “you’re in the healing phase, allow the body to do what it must and get on with your life”. Vulnerable people that have issues with traditional medicine lap that up without really understanding what they may be facing especially when they are dealing with breast cancers.

A breast cancer, which in many cases during its progression can perforate the skin as it’s breaking down and create a horrific mess. Few women are strong enough to see this kind of thing through unscathed, but others immediately go into deep shock and then other biological cancer programs are set into motion. Please refer to my blog on “Are you ready for GNM?

I’ve worked with breast cancer patients for 24 years and I have never suggested to any of them to “do nothing” because I understand the repercussions of “allowing it to run its course”.

Contrary to other sites, I correctly inform the patient of what they may be facing if they allow this to happen. As a matter of fact Dr. Hamer wrote a 600 page documentation on breast cancer with explicit pictures of how a breast cancer can progress. Thankfully this book is being translated as we speak and hopefully we will see it published within the next 18 months. It is an eye opener.

However in some cases, women allow a breast cancer to progress out of fear of traditional treatments even though a simple lumpectomy could have taken care of the mass. In such situations when they get a traditional medical opinion, in most cases surgery is no longer an option and they are “held to ransom” to have chemotherapy prior to surgery, which by then involves a radical mastectomy and then radiation. This of course is so frightening to some women that they choose to “go at it alone”. Sometimes this is when they find GNM but by then the damage has been done and their cancer begins to progress to other sites as the result of one shock after another.

GNM web sites that condone the kind of philosophy of “doing nothing” are NOT genuine GNM sites. They are run by people that are highly inexperienced. The unfortunate thing is that the cancer patient has no way of discerning what is true and what is false when they read the nonsense that is put out into the common domain.

More recently the reputation of the GNM world has been challenged by what I call “wannabees”, meaning individuals who profess to understand the GNM with an extremely limited, and in most cases a “second hand exposure” to the subject by others that also know nothing.

They flood Youtube with their own videos on various GNM topics without a real understanding of what this work involves implying that in GNM we “do nothing” and this makes them look more credible. This of course is likely the first exposure a cancer patient has to the GNM and for the most part it is an exercise to get people to consult with them. Then they charge exorbitant fees on top of it.

Last May I blogged on the topic “The Blind Leading the Blind” in an attempt to raise awareness of what was going on since Dr. Hamer’s passing. Since then two of these individuals named in my blog decided to start an association (their own little club) for GNM practitioners and are listed on another “disreputable” GNM site as the only two GNM practitioners in the North American continent! Talk about smoke and mirrors!

Unfortunately this is the kind of thing that the person looking for an experienced GNM consultant sees first on the internet and then they buy into it. After all these people have dozens of videos on Youtube, doesn’t that mean that they are credible?

I beg to differ because all it means is that they have read Dr. Hamer’s Scientific Chart where basic information on the disease, its cause and how it behaves during the conflict active phase and how it behaves in the resolution phase is listed. Anyone can look enthusiastic and bubbly while they’re reading it off and make a video. But can anyone truly understand what the entire process involves? Without a real GNM education this is highly unlikely.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to do more research on what you find with respect to GNM web sites, they have sprung up faster than anyone claiming to be a GNM practitioner can actually get a proper GNM education.

Personally I have been involved in Dr. Hamer’s work since 1992 and I have no qualms in saying I’m still in awe of the kind of results we get when it is used as it was meant to be used and not just dismiss the patient and lead them to believe “they are in a healing phase” and to ride it out. That’s the kind of thing that gets a patient into a mess and the end result is they do not survive and then it’s the fault of the GNM.

Another problem we face in situations such as this is the exclusion of family members and not informing them or involving them to the point where they have absolutely no understanding of what the patient is going through. To some, traditional medicine is the answer not realizing that the obstacle their loved one is facing is intense fear of any kind of traditional intervention.

It is for that reason that I believe it is integral that families are involved in the healing process that the patient has chosen, be it integrative or traditional. However I also believe it is important that the GNM be included in whatever they choose so that they understand the process.

Needless to say if the patient takes traditional or alternative medicine they subsequently experience a sequence of shocks while they are dealing with a cancer diagnosis and even though they feel they are doing everything right, they can develop something else along the way.

For example if early on in the diagnosis the doctor claims that if they don’t take traditional treatment that they have only a slim chance of surviving, that qualifies as a shock. If the patient is not working with a GNM consultant who understands what they are going through and has the sense to address it, the conflict shock takes hold and can eventually lead to their demise. Of course by then the family sees the GNM as “ineffective”.

To go in this direction at this time in our medical history takes great conviction and resolve to recover. This is not about “the power of the mind and belief” or “you’re in the healing phase so don’t worry”. To the contrary, if the exact conflict is not discovered and subsequent conflicts are left unaddressed the GNM hasn’t a snowflake’s chance in fire of helping.

My next blog will be about finding a solution to the challenges we constantly face in the GNM world.