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The mind – body healing philosophy has been explored for decades, however none have been so accurate, or specific in regards to discovering the exact conflict shock responsible for a particular disease process as the German New Medicine.

The GNM is a “New Natural Science” that helps us to understand the origin of a disease from the biological reaction to an unanticipated event that affects a specific part of the brain and simultaneously the connected organ. Illness is the result of biological program’s that have developed over millions of years from the dawn of creation to now, in order for us to be able to survive under these “unanticipated” circumstances.

Our German New Medicine presentations outline this natural science from the basic principles to the more complex biological programs that we are programmed with.

The concept of these biological principles is relatively simple to understand. However in Dr. Hamer’s words, “the devil sits in the details” and it is only through understanding these special biological programs of nature that we are able to understand ourselves.


The Strong family and their medical adventures series
This is a set of 6 books for children and adults.

GNM Scientific Chart

The Scientific Chart is integral to understanding the biological conflict responsible for all diseases. It is designed to help you to determine where the disease process is within the "Law of Two Phases".

Giovanna Conti - The Biological Meaning of Music

“The Biological Meaning of Music” (from the point of view of the Germanic New Medicine) by Giovanna Conti.
This groundbreaking discovery is a must read for everyone that has studied music.

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February 4th, 2023 Dear Readers; Once again I have come under attack and this time I am compelled to write an open letter to the person who is responsible. It is obvious to me that in having started the “GNM – Germanische Heilkunde Institute for Education and Research”, and by setting the standard of education – Read the full article…