Microbes – Module 2

Module II – prerequisite “The Foundations of the German New Medicine”
An Introduction to Microbes $40.-
– an in depth explanation of the Fourth Biological Law
– the mechanism behind all microbial “infections”
– theTuberculosis epidemic
– the immune system and how it reacts within the Second Biological Law
– TB mycobacteria, old and new bacteria
– the myth around how viruses are detected
Common Ailments, HIV, STD’s and Vaccinations $40.- (prerequisite An Introduction to Microbes)
– the common cold and flu
– sinus conditions
– the bird and swine flu
– vaccinations
The Liver, Hepatitis and “How Remedies Work” $20.- (prerequisite An Introduction to Microbes)
– an in depth look at the cause of liver disease
– how remedies really work
The Urinary Tract $40.- (prerequisite An Introduction to Microbes)
– the Kidney Collecting Tubules Syndrome
– water/ fluidity conflicts
– high blood pressure
– kidney cancer
– bladder infections
– incontinence and bed wetting