The Cerebral Cortex – Module 3

Module III – prerequisite “The Foundations of the German New Medicine”
The Cerebral Cortex $40.-
– how laterality plays a role in the function of the cerebrum
– how hormones influence the brain
– the first, second and third conflict
– the Rule of Weight”
– why we are either depressed or happy
Constellations Part I and II $95.- (prerequisite The cerebral cortex)
– what causes a constellation?
– mental illness
– the different kinds of schizophrenic constellations and how they present themselves
– can we heal from a constellation?
– bi-polar disorder
– character or constellation?
Hearing conflicts $40.- (prerequisite The cerebral cortex)
– tinnitus
– hearing loss
– hearing “constellation”
– paranoia and hearing voices
– vertigo and Meniere’s disease
Heart Disease $75.- (prerequisite The cerebral cortex)
– atrial fibrillation
– myocardial infarcts
– coronary infarcts
– heart failure
– lung embolisms
– atherosclerosis
– varicose veins