GNM Foundation Module 1

Module I
The Foundations of the German New Medicine$135.-
– the  Five Biological Laws
– brain tumors
– why catscans of the brain are used in the GNM
– laterality
– allergies
– complicating factors in a disease process
– why kidney conflicts complicate recovery
Breast Cancer and Ovarian cancers$55.-
– each disease is outlined as to the cause, how and why they progress, as well as possible complicating factors
Musculo- Skeletal and the lymph$40.-
– osteo arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia
– bone cancers
– leukemia
– cancer pain
– enlarged lymph
The Skin$60.-
– acne
– vitiligo
– skin fungus
– shingles
– melanoma
– measles, mumps and chickenpox
– leprosy and the beubonic plague
The Epileptic/ Epileptoid Crisis$40.-
– epilepsy – grand mal and petite mal seizures
– loss of consciousness
– migraines
– asthma
Digestive SBP’s$75.-
– all digestive disorders from tummy aches to cancers
An Introduction to Diseases Controlled by the Cerebrum and the Mathematics behind Mood Disorders $60.-
– conditions controlled by the cerebral cortex
– Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease
– functional disturbances
– depression and mania
Diseases of the Endocrine Glands andBlood sugar Disorders $40.-
– the pituitary – agromegaly – elevated prolactin –
– the thalamus
– conditions of the thyroid and parathyroid
– the adrenal glands
– diabetes, hypoglycemia
Male and Female Reproductive SBP’s $40.-
– prostate cancers
– testicular cancers
– uterine and cervical cancers
– yeast infections
– endometriosis
Diseases of the Eyes, Teeth, and Mouth$40.-
– visual changes
– floaters
– retinitis pigmentosa
– cataracts
– conjuctivitis
– conditons of the eye muscle
– conditions of the eye lens and the cornea
– glaucoma
– tooth decay
– tooth enamel degeneration
– abscesses and gum disease
The Three Embryonic Germ Layers $20
– how all the tissues of our organs developed and the significance of the 3 embryonic germ layers in the disease process